Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Secrets to A Great Night's Sleep

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If you're like me, and you've been struggling with getting enough sleep, you are not alone. Research suggests that almost half of the adult population suffers with sleep problems on a chronic basis, so clearly I'm not the only one surviving on coffee these days. Even though Eli is an excellent sleeper, there are only so many hours in the day to get things done. I struggle with getting to bed on time, and even then I have a hard time falling (and staying) asleep. The truth is that there are many things we can do to improve our sleep quality and time, so we never have to worry too much about not getting enough of it. Here are some easy, practical steps you can take to get your best sleep!

Try An Adjustable Bed

First off, look at your bed. I'll be honest- ours is terrible right now, and I'm tossing and turning like crazy at night. Like me, you might have thought that adjustable beds were just for the elderly or the sick. But that's not true. Actually, adjustable beds are also used by insomniacs who find it hard to fall asleep. Their highly adjustable nature means that you never have to worry about being in the wrong position, as you can always change it, so this might prove to be the best bed solution for anyone suffering with severe or chronic sleep problems. With an adjustable bed, you'll always be in the best sleep position, and you might even just want to use it temporarily while you get back into the rhythm of getting enough sleep. Adjustable beds can be expensive, but their long term use can be so worth it!

Stop Using Screens

One of the biggest reasons that people in our society are struggling to sleep is that they are overusing their screens. Using tablets, phones, and laptops in the evening disrupts the production of melanin in the brain, which tells your body when it is time to go to sleep. So if you find a way to reduce your use of screens in general, you will be able fall asleep much quicker and easier every night (and wouldn't that be awesome!?) If you find it hard to do this, you might want to keep your phone in another room, so you're not tempted to pick it up while you are lying in bed. (I'm guilty!) As long as you give yourself a good few hours in between screen time and bedtime you should find it doesn't make too much of a difference - but no more texting in bed!


Improve Your Diet

In general, the better you eat, the better you sleep. It's no wonder then that along with sleeplessness, another major problem for today's adults is poor diet. If you know that your own diet could easily be improved upon, it might be worth taking a look to see what you could do to make that happen. Improving your own diet could be as simple as making sure you eat less processed food, more whole foods, and more vegetables. As long as you do these basics, you should be able to regulate your body clock much more effectively, and that means more sleep! You should also make sure you're drinking as much water as you can during the day, as this also plays an important role in allowing you to drift off to sleep each night.


Calm Down

Probably the biggest cause of lost sleep, however, has to be an overactive mind. We live in a world which constantly demands our attention in a million different directions, which really makes it hard to rest. My brain is always going, and it's hard to shut off! If you find yourself regularly lying in bed worrying about things, it might be time to try and handle the situation. One great method is meditation, something which anyone can do without any formal training, but will make a huge difference in how well you sleep. Another option would be to try going on a walk or working out throughout the day, which can help relieve stress and get your blood flowing. Just be sure you don't do it too close to bedtime, so that your body has time to wind down.

What helps you get your own best sleep?? I hope these are helpful tips! Sweet dreams! 



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