Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Introducing: CK Travel

If you've been around or have known me for a while, you know just how much I LOVE travel. It has been a passion of mine for years, and I've regularly shared about our amazing adventures on the blog. Whether it was figuring out the million details of our 17 day trip across Europe, or ironing out the small stops of our little getaway to Hermann, trip planning is something I love doing- both for myself, and for others. Which is why I'm excited to announce a new adventure: CK Travel!

Back in December, I decided to take my passion for travel to the next level, and in early March I signed on as an Independent Contractor with Cruise Holidays, a thirty year, award-winning travel agency in Kansas City!

Now I have all of the tools and tricks at my fingertips to help plan the most amazing vacations for all of you! From all-inclusive resorts to European adventures, ocean and river cruises, tours, and everything in between- I'm ready to help send you on the trip of your dreams! I specialize in leisure vacation travel: nothing is too big or too small. We do not charge any additional fees to book, and we will either help you save money, or provide additional value if the price of the trip is the same. I'll have your back if there is a problem, will help eliminate stress, and will provide options you may not have even thought of- personalizing your trip to be the absolute best fit for you. Families, groups, couples, solo trips- I can do it all!

Along the way, I'll keep sharing some helpful tips and fun recaps here on the blog, but I can plan for you even if you aren't local to Kansas City! When you're ready to get out and explore, click here to book a trip! You can also shoot me an email at kelsie@cruiseholidayskc.com. I can't wait to get you planned and packing!



  1. It sounds amazing, can't wait to hear about your adventures

  2. That is so exciting! My husband and I don't travel much, but one day I'd like to visit Banff as well as Alaska. When we are ready, I'll have you help us figure out the plans!

  3. So cool, I enjoy traveling as well. I hope to travel with my family over the summer!

  4. Congratulations on your new adventure! Best of luck and much success!

  5. This sounds like it's going to be a great adventure. Can't wait to follow along on your travels.

  6. Awesome!!! I can't wait to see all your adventures!!!

  7. so exciting! can't wait to see where you go!

    cute & little

  8. Congrats, and good luck!! I've been a travel agent for about 5 years now and it's definitely a difficult but rewarding job. (Also what a time to get into it with everything going on - we are only keep our fingers crossed travel will be happening again soon!)

  9. This is so amazing! It's inspiring to see when someone gets to live their passion and it really motivates me to rethink what I'm doing and if it's really bringing me to where I want to be! ❤️❤️


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