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Florence in a Couple Days: The Travel Guide

About a month ago I shared some travel tips for the amazing city of Venice. I knew from the start that Italy was on the top of my list of places we HAD to visit on our sixteen day adventure through Europe, and it did not disappoint. The land of gelato, pasta, and art was not only breathtaking, but so full of culture. And Tuscany? Don't even get me started. After a bit of research and talking to others who had been, I knew that Florence was a must visit. So if you're heading there, planning to, or dreaming of it for now, here's all you need to know about travel, accommodations, and attractions in Florence. 

Florence Duomo

Traveling in and Out of Florence

Like most other places in Europe, it is incredibly easy to get in and out of Florence by train. Because Florence is located in between Venice and Rome, it's a no brainer to make it a stop. Flying directly into Florence is very tricky, as there is one small single-runway airport called Peretola that only takes local flights from other areas in Europe. If you're flying in on a major airline, your only option is really Pisa's Aeroporto Galileo Galilei. From there, you'll have to take a train anyways, so I recommend starting elsewhere in Europe and then taking the train in. For us, it was only $24 a person to take the two hour train ride from Venice to Florence. When you're ready to head on, it's super easy to hop on a train from Venice to Rome, which has a lot more flight options back to the US.

Book through Trenitalia and it's super cheap (cheaper than Rail Europe was). Just make sure you switch the language to English on the website. In Italy, Florence is referred to as Firenze. You'll want to come in to the Firenze Santa Maria Novella stop, which will take you most directly into the city. 

Florence at night

Inner-City Transportation

We didn't pay for inner-city transportation in Florence. They do have some buses that you can purchase travel passes for it, but honestly, I wouldn't waste your money on them. They aren't even allowed in lot of the main pedestrian areas of Florence which are pedestrian only, including the area from the Ponte Vecchio to the Palazzo Pitti and Duomo area. There are also ZTL, or restricted traffic zones, which make trying to navigate the city both time-consuming and confusing. You can easily find a place to stay that is within walking distance of both the train station and the heart of Florence. Save your money and have a fun time renting a Vespa or going on a day trip up into the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. 

Restaurants set up seating right out in the middle of the road. Many are pedestrian only zones now. See the Coke?

What to See and Do (on a Budget)

Florence is an incredible city of art and architecture. If you're like us, you may not be completely enthralled by art museum after art museum, but you do appreciate the art and culture enough to make a few important stops at some of the heavy hitters. We knew that the Accademia was a must see, as it includes Michelangelo's David. We'd also heard great things about the Uffizi Gallery. If you're wanting to visit both, the best place (and most official one) to look for tickets would be here. If you want to visit lots and lots of art museums during your stay, you may want to look into the Firenze card, which is good for 72 hours. It wasn't worth it for us, but may work for you depending on your tastes, how long you plan to be in Florence, and what your budget looks like. 

The Uffizi Gallery
We got super super lucky, because it just so happened that we were in Florence for the first Sunday of the month. On the first Sunday of each month, the Uffizi Gallery and Academia are FREE! You are not allowed to make a reservation, but we just bit the bullet and decided to chance a long line and try to visit both. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the line wasn't long at all (and was NOTHING compared to the line at Versailles- GROSS). If you can time your visit to be the first Sunday of the month, you'll be pleasantly surprised by excellent, free visits that aren't overly crowded (and you'll get to see the heavy hitters).

David statue at the Academia
David at the Accademia
As recommended in my post on How to Plan (and Survive) And Overseas Trip, I suggest taking some sort of tour in every city you visit. Bonus points if you can do it on day one so that you get your bearings on the city. In Florence, I found a free walking tour that functioned a lot like the free tour in Venice did- no cost, but you would definitely want to leave a tip. Two free tours were offered: the Medici and the Renaissance. We had planned on going on the free Renaissance tour, but ended up not needing to do it because our Rick Steve's Renaissance Walk on the Rick Steve's Audio Europe app was so amazing. It hit on everything we wanted to see, gave us info about our surroundings, guided us through the heart of Florence, and gave us all of the fun facts that a paid tour would've given us- for free. Along this walk, you'll see the heavy hitters like the DuomoPonte Vecchio, Piazza Signoria, Baptistery, Arno River, and more.

Another tour option would be using the great free tours of Florence offered by GuruWalk! Check them out! 

Y'all, if I was going to give you my most heartfelt advice about Florence, it would be this: DO NOT MISS OUT ON TUSCANY. Seriously, you've got to go to Tuscany. It's amazing! We loved seeing the art of Florence and enjoying yummy gelato, but going up and out of the city and into the Tuscan countryside was one of my very favorite things. If I went back, I would definitely spend a few days up there! We spent our first night in Florence on the Walkabout Florence Taste Italy: Wine and Dine plus Florence by night Tour. It was amazing. One of my favorite things from our entire trip!! Never mind that it hailed and rained and some of the grapes were destroyed (so be looking for more expensive Tuscan wine in the future, folks). We had some amazing, delicious authentic food, tried delicious wine, and saw some breathtaking views of Florence on our charter bus once the clouds finally cleared. I can't say enough good things about Walkabout Florence- I would totally go on another one of their tours in a heartbeat. Also, you can get youth pricing until age 27, so that saved us a few bucks! Definitely go on one of these tours in Tuscany. Don't think twice about the cost- it's so worth it. 

Tuscany mid-rain. But I promise you it is breathtaking!

Where to Stay 

Now that we have a ton of Marriott points from one of our credit cards, I would totally stay in the Renaissance Tuscany Resort on points. So dreamy! They do have American chain hotels in Florence, but they are kind of pricey, especially during the summer months. When we were in Florence, we stayed in different places each night because we had Best Rate Guarantees (or BRGs). More on those in a later post. I liked the Hotel Palazzo Ricasoli better than the other hotel we stayed in. It was reasonable and close to the heart of the area, as well as the train station. We booked through Expedia. Just make sure you see where things are located when you're booking, as you'll likely be walking everywhere. Airbnb is also a good option!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Social Media: A Holiday Fast

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It has its perks, that's for sure. It's fun being able to stay connected with so many people at once, to keep up with current events, and to chronicle fun occurrences so you can remember them later.  But at the same time, I can think of so many reasons why it's not so great. I see the drama that it causes for high schoolers, the distraction it creates, and (most importantly) the massive amount of time I waste on it instead of doing others things I should be doing or instead of being present with others when I should be.

I've given this a lot of thought. I've been frustrated and fed up with it. And so, I'm come to this conclusion: it's time for a change. It's time to pause without it. It's time to spend my time in others ways. And so, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I am deleting all forms of social media from my phone. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Snapchat, no StumbleUpon, no Instagram. I will still keep my accounts. I will still occasionally log on to Facebook on my computer to promote a post or share a Christmas wish. But I am going to be far, far limiting the time that I spend on all forms of social media unless absolutely necessary. And I'm totally cutting myself off from any of it on my phone (which is where I use it most).

I'm excited to share about my experiences later on. I realize that this decision may negatively impact my blog, but I think that it's worth it. I am excited to be more present with others, more productive, and more focused on other things that are more important. I'm excited to spend the holidays focusing on what really matters. I'm excited to remember what it was like before smart phones. I'm excited for it all.

I'll still be sharing some moments with you in this space along the way. Check back with me after Christmas, when I'll be sharing the results. Until then, happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy wonderful time making memories, relaxing with family and friends, and recognizing just how truly blessed we all are.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Flee, Follow, Fellowship

A few weeks ago, I announced some exciting news: that I'm now a monthly contributor for His Endless Love. I'm beyond thrilled and honored to be part of such an amazing women's ministry, and it's been amazing to see how the Lord has worked in my life and my heart each month as He inspired my words. 

This month, I was struck by a couple different ideas, both stemming from YoungLife events. The first idea came in preparation for my club talk, as I pondered the Biblical differences between temptation and sin. My mind focused on the way that we give into our temptations and desires instead of running from them, because we think they'll offer something better. Instead, they leave us with nothing.

The second idea was the call for us as Christians to flee, follow, and fellowship, which I saw beautifully merging with the concept of temptation. Consider how it was not good for Adam to be along and without a helper, even in a perfect word that was still without sin. Part of following the Lord and resting in His will is being involved with other Christians who come alongside us, challenging us and holding us accountable.

Head on over to His Endless Love to read the full post here


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Friday, November 20, 2015

Five on Friday: A Road Trip, a Ring, & a Quarter of a Century

You know what I've been reminded of this week? That life's too short to live in fear, that the years aren't slowing down anytime soon, and that there's something worth celebrating every day. This week's been full of lots and lots of celebrations. Call me mushy and nostalgic, but there is something I love so much about remembering people and commemorating the chapters of their lives. I've found that surprising and celebrating others is honestly more fun for me than being celebrated. And I've found that choosing to look for the best in each day while seeking to love others well brings a lot more purpose and joy into life. Here's what I'm celebrating:

1. A Cousin's Wedding (Plus Road Trip)

This past weekend Aaron and I escaped on a little road trip to Oklahoma City. We love road trippin' all over the US, as evidenced by our last two spring break trips to the Southeast and Southwest. We took a day off (which we NEVER do), drove down Friday morning, and spent the weekend exploring Bricktown, relaxing in some free hotel rooms, and celebrating love with the happy couple! I must be getting old, since I was legitimately sore from breaking it down on the dance floor all night with the fam. Side note: We also had the most wonderful Mexican food at Ted's Cafe' Escondido. If you're ever in Oklahoma, Lee's Summit, or Overland Park I'd highly recommend it. I'm also THRILLED that there's one coming to us in KC very soon!

2. An Engagement Anniversary

Tomorrow will be exactly THREE YEARS from the date that Aaron proposed. What? How does time go so quickly? I remember that day: full of bridesmaid dress shopping for my best friends' wedding, only to find out that I was getting engaged later that evening and they had known all day (and week). Oh boy do I love surprises, and this one was the best- not to mention the most beautiful ring that my now hubby somehow purchased while he was still in college and without a job. I should also add that Bo Lings is a pretty special place for us; we've only gone there together twice: our first date and the night of our engagement. Chinese for the win. If you haven't checked out the story of our proposal, it's beautiful and worth reading!

3. A Quarter of a Century

If you haven't heard yet, my wonderful husband turned 25 on Tuesday. Not only was it a ton of fun planning lots of surprises for him, but I knew that my words of affirmation guy would absolutely love the video that our friends and family secretly contributed to for him. I also had a great time writing him this letter in celebration. Here's the video if you want to take a peek (it's kind of long but he seriously loved every second).  A Mexican dinner was the perfect end to a perfect day.

4. A Canned Food Drive

My Gifted Communication Arts kiddos are in charge of the food drive at school every year. We get donations and sponsorship from the community, then settle in for a week of boxes, cans, raffle prizes, and giving back to others. The drive ends today, but I was totally blown away earlier this week by the generosity of one sweet student: a preschooler at our learning center who told his mom through his tears that he wanted to donate his entire piggy bank to the cause because "Other people don't have food." What a sweetie with a thankful heart we can all learn from.

One more proposal picture: a reminder of how we can love others well this holiday season and every day.

5. A Chance to Slow Down and Give Thanks

With the craziness of this week (balancing school, the food drive, YoungLife, and more) I'm looking forward to a slow week next week. We've only got two days of school, followed by a five day weekend and a chance to spend time with loved ones. Lately, I've been constantly reminded of the importance to slow down and be thankful for all the blessings I've been given. I've been choosing to rest and invest more in what really matters, and I'm excited to share more about that next week. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of celebrations, laughter, and sweet moments with those you love most.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Alder Collective Link Party #7

Hi friends! Can't believe we are on week 7 of the link party already! Time is flying for sure. In case you haven't already heard, today is a very special day- it's my hubby's 25th birthday! I wrote him this letter in celebration of this momentous occasion. Sure, it's a little mushy, but he's pretty awesome. Hope you're having a great week! 

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

25 Years: A Birthday Letter to My Better Half

Dear Aaron,

Today we get to celebrate a quarter century of life for the most wonderful person I know: you. Of course, I'll do everything I can to celebrate you in a million little ways. (And you know that surprise-lovin' me has several tricks up my sleeve.) But you know what makes me happy? That every day is a day worth celebrating with you. That you aren't the showy, I expect everyone to celebrate me kind of guy. That you're humble and kind and a million other things that all roll up into the awesome guy God created you to be. And that today, I'm writing for you.

red garage with married couple

Today I'll give you gifts, because you know that's one way I show love. But the truth is, these gifts could never compare to the gift you've already given me: a life with you. The memories we've made together and the memories that are to come. The joy of road trips, sleepovers every night, unexpected dashes through downtown cities, white chicken chili with friends, Bachelorette and Walking Dead watch parties, and just the opportunity to walk side by side through all our adventures. I couldn't have chosen a better person to share life with, and I am so blessed that God chose you to be mine. Trust me, you're a gift that my parents, and grandparents, and myself prayed for and prayed for, for basically all my life and all of yours. You're the best gift I've ever been given.

Today I am thankful for your parents. For your sweet mother who carried you, your father who raised you to be a man, and your loving grandmother who poured (and continues to pour) so much of her heart into you and into us. I'm thankful for those who have raised you and for those who came before that I never even knew.

Today I am thankful to be your wife. I'm thankful that you chose me, and that you continue to choose me daily, despite my imperfections and annoying habits. Thank you for loving me no matter how many times I move your shoes or get cranky with you about laundry. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful picture of Christ-like love in the way you pursued me patiently and never gave up on me. And you never will give up.

black and white photo of married couple

I can't wait to see all that God has in store for the next twenty five years, and for the next twenty five after that. I can't wait to see all that you'll do as you continue to impact kids, both in YoungLife and in school. I can't wait to stand by and watch proudly as you work on your Master's, continue to pour blood and sweat into our home, help serve others through car work, and even finish up the good ole pontoon boat. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, or the day after that, or the next day, because they'll never be boring with you.

And you know what I really can't wait for? I can't wait to see what an amazing Daddy you'll be someday. (Okay, I can wait a little bit because I love it being just us right now....but someday) I can't wait to see you love our future kiddos with the most wonderful, sincere, genuine, and passionate love- because that's the kind of love you give to everyone you meet. I can't believe that someday I'll get to look down at a sweet newborn baby in my arms and know that God allowed the two of us to bring a new life into the world, a life that contains a little bit of you and me. I can't wait for the days when my heart melts as I watch you crawl around with the kids on the floor or tuck them in. I just know that you will be the most incredible father.

I love your heart for the Lord, the way you love others, and the way you pour all that you have into all that you do. I love the way you point me back towards God, challenge me, and comfort me all at the same time. I love your smile, your eyes, and hearing your voice when I wake up and when I go to sleep. When you sing, it makes my heart melt, and for a moment, nothing else matters. I love that I can be real with you, and you can totally be yourself with me (and we are both in fact super weird and total goofballs). I love that you'll wipe my tears, make me laugh, and make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Because I am.

So let's make the most of each moment today and everyday. Let's not regret a single second. Let's make these next twenty five years even better than the last, and let's continue to walk the path the Lord has set out for us- hand in hand, laughing all the way. I'm excited for our adventures together, and I wouldn't want to be going through this crazy life with anyone else. Happy birthday, love. May your day be just as amazing as you are.


Friday, November 13, 2015

What I Learned from My First Jobs

Every year I sit and watch teenage kiddos anxiously apply for their first jobs. Every year I hear them talk of running the rides at Worlds of Fun, serving people at local fast food restaurants, and even working at the local play center. It's so funny to hear them dream of big paychecks and employee discounts, while they really have no idea what they're in for. Recently, I was asked introduced to The Ladders blog project about reflecting on my first job experiences and stories. The wheels got to turning, and I landed on several fun memories of everything from awkward phone calls to changing diapers to trying to balance five tables of hungry diners all at the same time. Each of these jobs taught me something that's stayed with me, so I'm here sharing a few of them (complete with funny photos) today.
Hard at work. And apparently we loved self-timers. (Don't worry, this isn't my nannying photo. See below.)


My first official job was nannying for a family. I was super cool and totally made babysitting business cards, and then was gutsy enough to actually hand them out to several parents of the other kids on my brother's baseball team. One mom took the bait and had me sit for her kiddos. When she got pregnant and had her third shortly after, I was asked to nanny her three month old over the summer. As an 8th grader. The best part was that the mom actually worked from home, so she would come in and out as needed, while I would feed bottles to the baby and watch TV while the little one napped. As time moved on, I watched this sweet little girl and her older siblings summer after summer. We went to my parents' pool, watched movies, and played on the trampoline. Not a bad tax-free gig. It's totally fun and funny to see them now and talk about how I remember when they were all in diapers. also totally makes me feel old.

Things I learned from nannying:

1. Kids are endless balls of energy, they're tiring, and they're so sweet.

2. Patience, patience, patience!!

3. Being responsible for three little lives is terrifying (especially when they aren't your kiddos).

At Graduation with my cousins back in my Nannying Days (they were pre-Facebook!)


After a while, I did get the urge to try something else, a "real" yay-I-get-to-pay-taxes now job. While nannying the summer after I graduated from high school, I randomly landed a job through a mutual friend as a receptionist for the new local Massage Envy. I didn't work outside of the summer time, so it was doable and a good idea for my savings to work both jobs while I could. Massage Envy was an interesting experience. I had a fun time booking appointments for people who called in, though there were a few strange encounters when people asked me if I was the one who gave massages. (No, weirdo, I'm 18 years old. Leave me alone.) I ended up landing my friend a job as well, so we got to work together in our matching polos and that was super fun. I also snagged some free or very discounted massages- a MAJOR perk. (They're the best!)

Things I learned as a receptionist:

1. I am awful at trying to talk people into buying things (and I hate asking for money). I made commission off of shared memberships, but trying to sell them to people was the worst.

2. People are sometimes really rude or unkind, and we just have to do our best to love and serve them.

3. Sometimes you do the weirdest things, or tasks you don't like, just because you have to. And if you do them with a smile and make the most of them, they can even be kind of fun.


In all honesty, I never would have done the Massage Envy gig if I would've been old enough to be a server. I knew that being a server at a restaurant was something I'd always wanted to try. I thought it sounded fun to balance all the tables, make some extra tips, and get free food sometimes. Plus I love talking and meeting new people, and the time would fly while I was busy at work. Since I was a youngin' and didn't turn 18 until the week before I left for college, I had to wait until I returned home before I could try to get a serving job. Over Thanksgiving, I applied online at Mimi's, got called right away, and had an interview the next day. Since I didn't have any hosting experience, I didn't set my hopes too high. Turns out I got the job on the spot. I got my liquor license and food handler's license, and started training over Christmas break. And I loved it. It was so great that I kept coming back every Christmas and Summer through college, until I started student teaching. I'm sad to say that they did close recently (boy did they have good muffins and salads), but I'm thankful for my time there.

Things I learned as a server:

1. Always tip well. Always. Half the time, things aren't the server's fault at all.

2. People will find a reason to complain about anything and everything.

3. Some people are oblivious to the fact that you've got six tables at once. Others are really gracious.

4. Sometimes people choose to surprise you with their generosity, and it means so much. (Case in point, $50 tip over Christmas!)

5. Don't ever forget to say "Corner!" when you round the corner with hot food...or you'll end up wearing it.

6. Sometimes you have to balance holidays with work. Don't take it for granted when you don't.

Yes, a girl I know legitimately snapped this photo of me in all my Mimi's glory. Awkward. 

You know what I learned from all of these jobs? That working hard is always the best way to work, a positive attitude goes a long way, and that there's fun to be had and people to meet in all that we do. Once I graduated college, I jumped right into my job as a teacher, and I've never looked back. Work is hard and stressful sometimes, but it's always worth it. Doing something that you love is the best. If you haven't found a way to do something you love and make money doing it, I'd challenge you to rethink your work. It's never really too late. Check out the awesome Job Search at The Ladders for a head start.


Do you have some fun first job stories? What did your first job experiences teach you? Share in the comments before, or on the Currently, Kelsie Facebook page

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The Alder Collective Link Party #6

Hey folks! It's been a busy week around here as we survived a non-stop weekend and prepare for another weekend out of town for a family wedding. I've been less frequent on the blog, and I do miss you all, but it's been nice investing in the folks around me and choosing to rest. So thankful you're all here and hope you're doing well! Can't wait to see the amazing things you've got to share.

Currently, Kelsie

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday: No School, a Stud, and a Trophy

Happy Friday to you all! I'm keeping this short and sweet this week because we've got a pretty crazy weekend full of lots of fun (most of which I will be out of state). I can't post where we will be yet because it's a secret and I don't want snooping kiddos to give away all the fun. But here's what we've been up to this week:

I know I've shared about this a few times, but it's just SOOO exciting to have our KC Royals win the world series for the first time in 30 years. I mean, I wasn't even alive the last time they won! We hosted three watch parties in a row this last week (all wins!), shared some amazing yells and memories with friends, and celebrated in the streets with strangers. Too. Much. Fun. I have never seen a place so excited and united, and I've never loved our city more.

2. A "Blue Day"
If you haven't in Kansas City was cancelled on Tuesday for the World Series parade. Literally, every school district jumped on the bandwagon and let kiddos and teacher alike go to this once (or maybe twice if we're lucky) in a lifetime experience. We went, along with 800,000 other Kansas City fans. Literally- so nuts, people were just abandoning their cars on the side of the highway! We parked super close and found a spot in the crowd, but then the joke was on us on the way out. We sat in the family van in the parking garage near Crown Center for an hour, then moved only a block in the next hour. Since I had to be back for National Honor Society, and we weren't moving, Aaron and I ended up getting out and running 2.2 miles up Grand to meet his grandma so she could take us to our car. Definitely made for some memories we will never forget!

3. Featured Posts
I've been so blessed this week, and it's been so very exciting to have featured posts on three different blogs this week! I'd love to share a little of my excitement if you'll let me. Women with Intention is an amazing blog that I link up to each Wednesday, and my post on What Rejection Taught Me was the most popular post of the week! The same post was also chosen as a feature on the Turn it Up Tuesday link up. Also, I'm beyond thrilled that Melanie Redd's Ministry of Hope blog featured me as one of her 100 Most Inspiring Christian Blogs on the Web. She is such an amazing woman with an amazing ministry, and I am so honored and humbled just to be mentioned!

4.  So, so proud.
I've got to brag on the hubs just a little bit, folks. Not only did he run down Grand with me as previously mentioned, but he has also been all sorts of awesome this week. He's done a TON of work for our YoungLife trip (see below). He put me (a grown woman who's not super light) up on his shoulders during part of the parade so I could get some good videos. He was selected as his school's Teacher of the Month, and some students wrote some really sweet things about him including (and I quote), "I am choosing him because he is always there to put a smile on our faces." and  "I chose Mr. Kleinmeyer because he is so fun and has taught me soon much since the beginning of the year! I didn't like social studies until this year." AND to top if all off, he also passed his Industrial Technology Certification test, which is a big deal. Gosh, what a catch. So proud of my great guy!

5. Non-Stop Weekend
More on this later when the location isn't a secret anymore, but send up a little prayer for us as we head off on a crazy 36 hour adventure with 60 high school students. It's going to be a blast with tons of memories, but I also know I'm going to get little to no sleep. Totally worth it though. I'll have photos to share soon!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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