Thursday, April 9, 2020

March Recap

My how life can change in a month. Last month I was worried about how much time I had left at home on maternity leave. And then in a matter of a few weeks, life changed a whole bunch. We settled into quarantine and all things COVID-19, I went "back to work" three weeks early, and we figured out how to work full time from home with a three year old and a two month old. It has been a hard, weird, but also strangely joyful time for everyone. Here's what we were up to in March, complete with Addie's updates, blogging recaps, and some fun photos!

Addie's Three Month Update

Addie Jo is growing like a weed! We didn't have an official doctor's appointment this month, but she is a little over 13 pounds according to me, our scale, and some simple subtraction. She is in the weird stage where some sleep sacks are too big for her, but her others are too small. She has really been smiley and even a little giggly most days. Though she does have her occasional fussy moments, she sure is a sweetie.

Addie is in size two diapers and just venturing into 3-6 months clothes, although she can still wear some of her 3 month stuff. This month she settled into regularly sleeping 8+ hours at night (praise the Lord), went on a million quarantine walks, and let Mama play dress up with some of her old outfits (like the one pictured). Addie loves watching her big brother play toys, kicking her feet, and sucking on her hands.  🎀 We can't imagine life without our sweet girl! (And she did get a little tired of Mama's photo shoots after a while!)

Unexpected Silver Linings

In the midst of an incredibly trying time for our world, I have been trying to focus on the sweet silver linings that have unexpectedly come my way. One of these is the fact that I would have been on unpaid maternity leave for three more works, but instead I am able to work from home and be fully paid while still getting to love on my babies. Sure, this has its challenged on a daily basis, but mainly it has been such a gift. We also got to host our first wedding at The Brim, which was pretty amazing and just kind of fell into place with the Stay at Home order going into effect. Our first Brim Bride was absolutely incredible, and I am so excited for all that is to come there.

I also have been able to be outside all the time, which is a HUGE difference from my classroom where I don't even have a window. That has made this spring pretty amazing so far. Of course there have been a million other blessings, like Aaron cooking amazing meals all of the time, technology allowing for online church and friendship connections, and being able to sleep in a bit more without having to get up and dressed and off to work with two kids.

Choose Grace

The only real blog post I wrote this month was called Choose Grace. It was all about choosing alll the grace in every aspect of our lives right now, and for everyone around us. My students, their parents, my spouse, myself, my babies- there are so many ways that all of us are learning and adapting right now. No one's struggles are invalid. I'd encourage you (and myself) to continue to choose grace daily. Check out the post for more!

Otherwise, this month was all about this new normal and figuring out how to navigate things with both productive routine and joyful spontaneity. We are at home at least through April 27th, and we will see if we end up going "back to school" this school year or not. We are done for the year on May 22nd. Lots of other things are going on that I will be able to recap a bit more at the end of the month! Happy April!