Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To Think We Could Have Missed This

And to think we could have missed this.

If the letter had not been written, the land not for sale, the dream not dreamed.

If the extra land wasn't given, the permit not approved, the deposit money not scrounged together.

We could have missed this. 

If the trip was not to Austin, the architect not randomly on site, the couple not generous and supportive.

If the poles had not been purchased, the brides had not taken a chance, the stories not written or shared or printed. 

If any tiny bit of this story was erased, it seems none of it would have happened. One small detail changed and everything would be different. 

No chapel on the hill, no free weddings, no chasing after something that became not just what we wanted to do, but what we had to. Something that mattered, because marriage does. 

We could have missed this.

The rallying of a community around marriage. The joy of every "I Do". The glow of a sunset on a white wedding tent. A book, a workshop, and Full Fridays together. 

The desire to live life full, and to share it with others. The exhausting, incredibly rewarding leap of faith that is both terrifying and invigorating. 

People thought we were crazy when we told them our plans. We get it. We wondered if we were too. But just enough people thought we weren't. They caught the vision, and to them we are eternally grateful. 

Flight is reserved for those who jump; we left the edge long ago. 

And to think we could have missed this. 


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