Sunday, April 29, 2018

I Can Only Imagine: Bible Study Review

I received a complimentary copy of the I Can Only Imagine Bible Study from City on a Hill in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own! Be sure to scroll down to enter the giveaway, or use the code at the bottom of this post for a discount! 

If you've been to the movies lately, you've heard the chatter about the popular worship song- turned- movie, I Can Only Imagine. This song was released in 2001, but has gained recently renewed popularity because of the movie, which tells the story of Mercy Me lead vocalist Bart Millard's rocky relationship with his father, along with the real meaning behind the song. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's worth checking out!

Right about the time I was contacted to review the I Can Only Imagine study, my weekly women's Bible study finished up our previous book. The timing was perfect, and I was excited to work through the beautiful 28 day Bible study journal, which is meant to take the reader on a "journey through Jesus' encounters with broken people, found throughout the Gospels", Gospels that are personal and powerful. The journal includes questions, scripture, and prayer, and when combined with the short video clips offered in the small group study, it's the perfect content for any group Bible study. The study journal can stand alone for personal study just fine!

Each week of the study focuses on "imagining": imagine a loving father, imagine forgiveness, imagine redemption, and imagine going home. The weeks all follow a pattern, asking the reader to recall, reorient, and reimagine. It mentions that we read and reflect in order to experience, rather than to simply learn.

Although the study is intended to take you 28 days, I could definitely see chatty Bible study groups (like my own lovely Tuesday night ladies) taking a lot longer to go through it. There is a lot of depth and great content for discussion, and I always err on the side of not rushing through studies in an effort to simply "get through them". This study hits hard on learning to see ourselves as God does: completely forgiven and eternally restored.

The study journal is beautiful, and I truly feel like it is something that anyone could discuss with other believers, or just reflect on individually if you're more of a personal Bible study person. Watching the actual film before doing the study isn't required. It is recommended, but is not a hindrance from completing the study if you haven't yet seen it. The content is easy to relate to, and the scriptural focus makes for a solid foundation. My son, Eli, even wanted to help me get in my study one day. Start 'em young! 

All in all, I give two thumbs up for the study. I appreciate its Biblical foundation, but also feel it is relatable and not so over your head that it becomes inaccessible to most readers. I'm excited to help lead my own Bible study ladies through it. Click this link to purchase your own I Can Only Imagine study materials, and use the code frontgate10 for 10% off of the series or journal!

Be sure to enter the giveaway here to win your own copy of the 28 day study journal! The giveaway ends on 5/25/2018, and the winner will be notified by email! Good luck, friends!



  1. Do you think this study would work for a weekend women's retreat? Is there to much to do in a weekend? Or is it geared for the 28 day study? Thank you

    1. I think you could make it work in a weekend. You would just have to consolidate some things and make a few conversations a little shorter!


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