Sunday, October 6, 2019

25 Week Bumpdate

Hey there, friends! It's been a little while since my last "bumpdate", and now I'm already six months into this pregnancy. Say what?! Pretty crazy to think that Baby K number two will be here in less than four months. Some days I can barely wait to meet him or her, and other days I'm freaking out about being a mama of two! Eli was a pretty easy baby, but knowing that I have to survive the newborn days while also wrangling an almost three year old is kind of intimidating (give me ALL the tips)! Anyways, here are all the updates on how I'm feeling, complete with plenty of bump pics!

 How I'm Feeling

Second trimester isn't called the honeymoon stage for nothing! I've been over my puking and nausea days for a while now, and I'm not big enough to be miserable at this point. I found fairly early on that I couldn't really run much anymore, which has been weird for me because this is the first time in three years that I haven't been knee deep in training for the KC Half Marathon. I've continued working out at 9Round, which has been good to keep me sane and feeling like I'm not totally blowing up like a blimp! I do feel like I'm maybe carrying slightly different this time, which has me a little self-conscious, but time will tell! My body is growing a human, so I have to give myself a little grace that I'm not in my typical "running shape".

19 Weeks

What's New This Month

Baby K is taking after their big brother, and seems to be moving and grooving quite a bit these days. The little nugget was even flipping around quite a bit during our ultrasound (where we didn't find out the gender again- surprises are fun!) I sure do love the baby kicks, and Aaron has even been able to feel them lately from the outside. Eli has put his hand on my belly and says, "Hi Baby" a lot, which just makes my heart burst. I definitely feel like I look more pregnant these days, but after finally saying something to my students (and being less concerned about wearing flowy clothes), I'm just embracing the bump lately!

20 Weeks

What I'm Wearing

I'm still able to wear many of my pre-pregnancy tops, but I am definitely thankful for the shift to cooler weather lately because I was SO ready for my trusty Motherhood Maternity leggings to come back out of hiding. My Nike running shorts were starting to feel pretty tight in the belly, which makes sense considering that I'm six weeks ahead of where I was this time of the year when I was pregnant with E. I am probably going to rely more on maternity tops here soon as winter approaches, but for now I'm just wearing what feels comfy and doesn't look super tight. Flowy and long shirts are kind of my jam for the fall anyways, so I'm happy to still be able to wear a few of my favorite tops at least once or twice before I make the swap to full maternity.

22 Weeks

 How I'm Sleeping

I'm sleeping okay these days. Ever since our upgraded modern farmhouse bedroom was finally finished, we've been sleeping in a King bed- which has been life-changing. I'm sure Aaron appreciates all of the extra space that is helping soak up the C-shaped pillow I've borrowed and am trying out this time around. I'm not waking up every single night to pee, but I know those days are close again. Just trying to soak up my days of sleeping decently while I can!

23 Weeks

What I'm Nervous About

I've got my gestational diabetes test scheduled within the next two weeks, so I'm a little nervous about that. Even though I've done this all and birthed a baby once before, I'm still not the biggest fan of needles or thinking about having to have blood drawn. I know I can do it, but it's always a bit of a mental battle- though it has improved since having Eli. I'm also a bit nervous about getting Eli switched over to his big boy bed (which I mentioned in my Sixth House-iversary post). I think he will do alright, but he is such a good, consistent sleeper in his crib that I'm a little nervous about giving him free range of a room with a bigger bed. Of course, there are also a bit of the nerves involved with not only bringing another child into this world, but also loving them as much as I love E, without neglecting him. I've heard you just "grow another heart", so I'm hoping that's true!

24 Weeks

 What I'm Looking Forward To

I'm really excited about getting Eli's big boy room all jazzed up and flipped, moving him over, and then truly settling in to nesting for Baby K's arrival. (Follow along on Facebook so you don't miss out on the final product!) It's nice to have the nursery already done, and I feel like I don't have as much to prepare for this time around as far as things that we need, so that's nice.

I'm also realizing more and more that this baby will come shortly into the start of the second semester of school, and just barely after the holidays. I have a feeling it will fly and be here before we know it. I'm just looking forward to soaking up the sweet parts of pregnancy, and loving my little man's last go around as an only child this holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all such sweet times with a little one, and Eli is going to be SO much fun this year! Time truly flies, and my little man is getting so big. It's crazy to think we'll have another little nugget soon! Love to you all!


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  1. I can definitely imagine how weird it would feel to not be running! I'm glad you at least found another way to work out - I know when I couldn't run it wasn't great for my mental state either, so good for you to keep the blood pumping somehow!

    1. It's weird for sure! And YES- I would go completely nuts if I couldn't work out in some fashion!

  2. Too cute!!!! I remember loving being pregnant! But that was a long time ago!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! It's crazy to think that I'll be done with this pregnancy before I know it!

  3. Time surely does fly when your pregnant! I loved being pregnant in the winter because it was easier to fit into my regular clothes but yeah the maternity leggings are great.

    1. It definitely does! And yes, being pregnant this time of the year is AWESOME, especially now that it has cooled down around KC!

  4. It's crazy how often we need blood drawn when pregnant. I am not a fan of it either but worth it! You look great and hope you continue to feel great!

    1. It really is crazy!! You are too sweet- thank you so much!

  5. Well aren't you just the cutest preggo lady??? I always love reading bumpdates to see how each lady's experience goes. I would also go slightly nuts not being able to run, but luckily I feel like there are so many great workouts now that you can still be active while pregnant.

  6. You look SO beautiful, Kelsie! Definitely glowing. I love, love that floral dress at 24 weeks - the colors are stunning. I'm nervous for the gestational diabetes test, too. I don't have it scheduled yet but I'm nervous!! Doesn't it feel awesome to stick to pre-pregnancy tops? I'm doing the same and feel I might be able to get away with it for quite a while - not complaining!

  7. You will definitely grow another heart, I promise! I've grown 5 of them (; You are looking great! Love all of the sweet pictures. Good luck!



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