Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Seasons are an interesting thing- each with its own beauty, each with its own struggles. In fall, we watch the beauty of the changing colors and deal with the pain of raking the leaves. In winter, we cherish the glimmer of the softly falling snow, and dread the hours of sweaty snow removal. Spring brings new life, new flowers, and occasionally those pesky showers. And summer- my personal favorite- brings plenty of sunshine and pool time, along with record temps and blistering heat.

Isn't it funny how seasons change so quickly? In Missouri, literally one day it's fall and the next it's winter, and then maybe back to fall again for a while. You never know what season you'll be in, but all you know is that if you shut your eyes for long enough, it's bound to change. And the same is true in life. Your baby turns into a toddler, who turns into a teen and then an adult. Your four years of college fly by and suddenly you're married and making mortgage payments- adulting and planning for retirement. You never knew how quickly life would go by, and you can't quite understand how the years keep going faster.

At the same time, there are seasons that seem to last forever. They drag on and on, and just when you feel as if there's never going to be an end, never a new change upon the horizon, there is. The snow melts, the heat fades, leaves are bagged, and the rain ends. Just when your heart can't take any more hurt or waiting, things change and you find new hope. And then we appreciate the change all the more, knowing that the season before had to come in order for us to be where we are now.

Sometimes we long for a previous season, a time before, a particular year, or age, or time when all seemed right with the world. When our family was all alive or when our world seemed a little bit kinder and less stressful. But I believe that the best is yet to come, that every tear, every struggle, every season of wait or wishing or confusion is necessary in order for us to fully take in the beautiful one that awaits, the change that we may not even know we so desperately needed.

And so, dear friend, I hope and pray that you take strength in the season you're in. That you find the beauty, however small it may be, in the moment that you're in. That you cherish your time with your people- knowing it will never quite be the way that it is now. And then? Then when the new season gloriously rushes in, I pray that you are overwhelmed by the joy that awaits you- that you yearned for, hoped for, and longed for. For this new season- it is just what has been planned for you since the beginning of time. And just when it seemed like it may never come, here it is. Better than you imagined.

Stay the course. Have faith. Love where you're at, but set your eyes on what's to come. Because oh friends, it will all be so worth it.



  1. So much truth! Finding the good and joy in your current season is so important!

  2. You're a beautiful writer! I love the changing seasons but I do find myself longing for what's past. Need to work on that :)

  3. Like I stated on your facebook post, these are beautiful words. We should always find the joy in any season.


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