Thursday, November 15, 2018

Learn to Love Your Kitchen Again

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If you love whipping up a culinary storm in the kitchen, but don’t feel like you have the equipment, utensils, or environment necessary to flex your gastronomic muscles, you may need to think about remodeling your kitchen! You might fancy swanky new granite worktops, a beautiful Belfast sink, and some high quality appliances. However you see your dream kitchen, you can make it happen no matter what sort of budget you have. For real! Even if money is tight, you can rejuvenate your kitchen area so you can rustle up a whole host of new meals and dishes.

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall out of love with our kitchens, but you shouldn’t resign yourself to having a substandard cooking area that you hate. Your kitchen should be the heart of your home; the place where the kids do their homework while you prepare a family dinner, the place you can chat with friends over coffee, and the place where you can enjoy a therapeutic baking session. If you need to fall in love with your kitchen again, take a look at these inspirational remodeling ideas!


A Range

You don’t have to live in a seventeenth century farmhouse to relish the joys of having a range cooker. Nowadays, you can source modern day twenty first century ranges that are more reliable and can function effortlessly to cook your one pot meals. When picking your range, head to a specialist in professional kitchen appliances for the home, rather than a general kitchen showroom. Here, you'll find the most advanced appliances with great energy efficiency and that aren’t on the high street. Ranges have a knack of being dual fuel, meaning that you can enjoy cooking with electric or with gas - whatever your personal preference. A range cooker can also give you the freedom to rustle up meals for crowds, so you don’t have to worry about cooking multiple courses or running out of oven space. If you have the space for a range, it’s well worth thinking about obtaining one for your kitchen.

Work Top

The simplest way to revolutionize a kitchen style is to install a new kitchen work top. Even if you aren’t changing the units, you could swap your old wooden work top for a granite quartz top! These are resilient and robust enough to withstand scrapes and cuts from even the sharpest of knives. You won’t have to worry about oiling or refreshing the work surface, and the granite itself has its own sheen and finish.

If granite is a little out of your price range, you might want to explore the cheaper human made engineered varieties. While not quite as robust, these examples still exude quality and can create the illusion of a granite work top. Alternatively, you could focus on stainless steel as the material for your work top, especially if you want to emulate a professional kitchen look. You could tie this in to your appliances and industrial themed interior design. If you still adore the wood look and you have a country shaker style kitchen to match, opt for a hardwood that is strong and can withstand knocks and scrapes. You may need to re-oil and sand down your work surface once in a while, but take care of it, and it will last as long as granite.



It’s important to consider how you will utilize your kitchen. If you adore cooking for dinner parties and love nothing more than entertaining and feeding people, you might need plenty of work surface space, maybe an island in the center of your kitchen, and you may want to knock through to make a large kitchen dining room. Perhaps baking is more your thing, or a favorite hobby of yours. If this is the case, you must ensure you have enough storage space for your silicone cake tins, your fondant icing, and your decorating tools. Always ensure that you create the most appropriate layout for your culinary needs.

Creating your dream kitchen is no easy task, especially with the variety of kitchen units, work tops, and appliances on the market these days. Head to your local kitchen showroom to get some ideas, scour online interior design blogs, and get a feel for the sorts of kitchen designs available. If your budget allows, you might even want to get a professional on board to help you design your perfect kitchen! Follow this guide, and hopefully you'll be on your way to the perfect cooking space for you and your home- and you can learn to love your kitchen once again. Good luck, friends!



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