Friday, June 24, 2016

Five on Friday: Puppies, Pools, and Precious People

We've been back from our great "anniventury" for a week- and quite the week it has been. We love love love traveling, but it's also been oh so sweet to be home and to just enjoy a little bit of the unstructured freedom that summer brings for us teacher folk. There's nothing quite like alarm-free days and just filling the hours with sunshine, pool time, and a whole lot of hanging out with the really awesome people we are blessed to do life with. It's been a week of visitors, relief, and catching up. Here's what we've been up to!

1. Puppy Lovin'

My parents were out of town for several days, and so we got back just in time to watch Bandit for them! He was my little shadow for the entire time we had him, and he just couldn't stand to be left alone when I was out watering plants or trying to fold the laundry. He had a rough go on the first night, but after that he was golden and so sweet. It was so fun getting to see his little personality and have a puppy in the house for a few days.

2. Family Time

We are so thankful that we have some wonderful family that is so close and willing to help in the midst of hard times. At the tail end of our anniversary trip, Aaron's dad fell and was in the hospital, and we are so grateful that he was released this week and is doing well at home. With family in town, we also got to enjoy hosting some sweet kiddos for a few nights and going to the Royals game with them (which was extra special because it was their first game ever...and the Royals also had 21 hits!)

3. Marriage Surprises

Now that we've officially hit three years and counting, I'm still falling in love with my sweet hubby more and more each day. I could get all mushy gushy about him for days, but I'll just say that I'm so grateful for someone who challenges and cherishes me in such an amazing way. He's been off leading a cabin of guys at Wyldlife Camp (the middle school version of YoungLife Camp) this week, and I've definitely missed his sweet self. In case you missed it, I did share a few thoughts on marriage in my recent post, 5 Things that Surprised Me About Marriage. Did they (or would they) surprise you too?

4. Pools and Punches

With Aaron's absence, my extroverted self has been able to make great use of my time by catching up with all my "people" that I've missed during our travels (or just haven't seen for a while). From pool time to punching dates at 9Round, every moment has truly been such a great reminder of the amazing people that the Lord has placed in my life. The mid-20s can be strange and hard, which no one tells you, and I'm so grateful that I've got some pretty amazing friends who are real and intentional- people to share meals, stories, and life with.

Okay, you caught me. This isn't a pool. But isn't it lovely? Jamaica was the bomb.

5. Decor Dreaming

If I haven't been living at the pool, reading books, or running softball workouts, I've been doing some dreaming about a few small changes to our front room. I've decided that it's a little too dark and there's too much going on in there. I've also decided that I didn't really know what my "style" of decorating was until the last four or five months or so. Better late than never, right? I'm super happy with our Rustic Dining Room and our kitchen area, as well as our basement. But I'm ready to try to brighten the front room. I'm hoping I can do so by painting some accents and brightening the decor, and avoiding painting the walls for now. I'll keep you posted!

Hope you're having a wonderful June (isn't it flying?!), and not overheating too much! Happy Friday!



  1. Your photos are precious, especially that one of you in the blue dress. I also love how you decorated your home!!

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Chelsea! I've made some big changes lately, so I'm excited!

  2. I love this. That beach picture is to die for. And also you and your hubby are too cute!

    1. Ahhh, that's my favorite. And thanks- you're too sweet!

  3. What a cute name - Bandit! He looks so very fluffy!! :)

  4. I love all your pictures. The one with you and your husband, and the one at the baseball game are favorites for me. Sounds like a great week!

  5. Yes, June is totally flying by! I can't believe it's almost over, and I can't wait to see where you're heading with the decor in your front room.

  6. Everything/body is super cute! Bandit is adorable.

    Alix |

  7. I love that photo from the beach in Jamaica! And Bandit is adorable. I'm puppy sitting for my sister right now. It's my first night with Tino and he's a bundle of energy. My dog has moments where she wants to play with him and moments where she wants to hide from him because of all the energy he has!


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