Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday: The Ending of a Chapter

 Around here, May is a "finish line" of sorts: the ending of this chapter, with the start of the next one looming on the horizon. Being teachers allows us to have a real sense of finality and "endings" to years: something that I'm thankful for because I know that's not true of many work worlds. Each new chapter ushers in new experiences, new kids, and new routines, all met with a new sense of experience and confidence. But I'd be lying if I didn't say that each ending makes me strangely emotional at times. We've celebrated the achievements of many this week, and we look forward to their new beginnings with eager optimism and great joy! Here are the highlights.

1. Seniors' Last Day of High School 

One new experience for me this week was saying goodbye to seniors that I actually had in class this year. In the past, I've only taught freshman and sophomores, but I taught AP English Language for the first time this year, so I had juniors and seniors for a change. Several of these seniors were also in my class as sophomores, and many were my NHS officers as well. All that to say, it was a weird, kind of emotional feeling of excitement and pride for them mixed with the strange sensation of seeing their final bell of high school ring, and knowing I won't be seeing them anymore. They're an amazing crew; I'm sad to see them go but super blessed to have shared my days with them!

The seniors counting down to their last bell, well, ever.

2. My Sister's High School Graduation

Another chapter that ended this week was my sister-in-law's high school career. She graduated last night, and she's a rock star: top of her class, super smart, hard-working, beautiful girl. We are thrilled to see all that she'll do in college, and have no doubt that she'll love every second of it, but it will be weird to know that she's not living at home in KC and won't be at church on Sundays. We're so proud of you, Angie!

Loved this girl ever since I was her confirmation mentor four years ago. She's the best.
The whole crew at Baccalaureate. Angie gave the benediction! Also, Aaron's red shirt blends into the lockers.

3. Prom

 Another first for the week was going to prom with my favorite prom date ever: my hubby. We helped chaperone, and rocked the coat room, dessert table, and dance floor. Pretty funny to think that our "first prom" together came on the night that many seniors were celebrating their last high school dance. In case you missed our "prom pic" on Instagram, here it is in all of its glory.

A photo posted by Kelsie Kleinmeyer (@currentlykelsie) on

4.  The 2015-2016 School Year

We've all but wrapped up this school year, teacher friends. This is the end of year FIVE for me, and I honestly can't even believe I've been out of college for more than two. Crazy to think that I'll come back tenured on the first day of year six. I have some pretty awesome kiddos that I can't say enough great things about, but I'm still super ready for a break. I also get this weird sense of "Gosh, I'm going to miss them. They've been so fun" mixed with "Gosh, I'm ready for a break and a new schedule". But all in all, I leave every year thinking the thoughts I have in this Letter to My Students. Should I share it with them on the last day?

5. A June Adventure

As some of you may know if you follow along on Facebook, we have quite the summer of travel planned out. Right when school ends, we'll be going to San Fran and Napa Valley- thanks to those of you who chimed in with some advice. The exciting updates for the week are our finalized plans for what has quickly turned into our June "adventure". We'll be jetting down to Orlando and spending a couple of days in the parks (booked Disney last night!!), then flying down to a relaxing Jamaican all-inclusive on the beach, then up to Niagara Falls to ride the Maid of the Mist and see Canada, then to Washington DC for my awesome kiddos to compete in National History Day Nationals! Not a bad way to celebrate our third I right?

Looking forward to celebrating year three of marriage with the best guy.

Not every week is glamorous or perfect or full of fun and excitement, but I will say that looking back on these weekly Five on Fridays has helped me to remember each week and to take the time to find joy in the smallest, silliest things like going to prom in our mid-twenties. I am grateful for these moments and memories, and know that with each chapter "ending", a new and exciting chapter is being written. Congratulations to all the high school and college seniors graduating and moving on to new chapters in their lives: you all make us so proud!


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Casually trying to indoctrinate her before she comes to Mizzou... :) 
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  1. I'm feeling all the same emotions in these last few weeks. I don't think I could be any more ready for summer, yet it's still hard to say goodbye. Good thing you have an awesome month of travel planned to ease the pain :)

  2. What an exciting time! The June adventures sound awesome :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of fun travels planned for the summer! I was actually just thinking that I should look at taking a trip to Niagra Falls this summer. :)

    1. Yes! We also have Greece in July, so I'm beyond excited!

  4. how amazing! that's so cool . hope you have a great summer and at least you'll have fun traveling ♥

  5. Love your picture! How cool is to go to prom with your husband. :) Ending things often bring up emotions in me too.

  6. That prom picture is the best! Congrats to your SIL for high school graduation - and your students! It all goes way too fast :( Your summer vacation sounds AMAZING though! Napa is so beautiful!

  7. I'm the youngest in my family so I hadn't experienced a younger sibling moving through big transitions. But my husband is the oldest and I've been present through so many graduations and moves and it's hard to see them move on!

    My husband and I just got back from a big California trip. We spent time in San Francisco and Napa. I can't wait to go back to Napa when I can drink (I'm pregnant). ;-)

    1. SO fun!! I can see what you mean- it's all different depending on birth order. Thanks for reading!

  8. I love all the pictures...especially you and your husband at Prom. Too cute! Sounds like you have an awesome summer of travel planned. Can't wait to see all the pics.

  9. Teaching is such a rewarding process.My wife was a teacher and then homeschooled/homeschools our children.Thank you for shaping young minds.

  10. When I see all these graduation posts it makes me miss school. I've been out of high school for over 10 years and college for 6 years. I remember at the time I was so excited to be done with both and be a grown up. Now if only I could go back at times. I am so jealous of your upcoming travel! How exciting!


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