Friday, May 6, 2016

A Good Good Father

Ever since we started singing it at YoungLife club last fall, I've really loved the worship song "Good Good Father". There is something about the lyrics and their truth that just feels comforting. A powerful reminder that in the midst of life, of suffering, and of struggles, that we are loved by an eternal father who is good. Oh so good.

Every time I stop to reflect upon these words, and to lift them up in worship, it nearly brings me to tears- regardless of the situation I find myself in. Because they are true. He is perfect in all of his ways. Even when we are confused and hurting and so so broken, He is still good. And He always will be.

This week, I'll be leading this song with the worship team. This week, a very dear, sweet, loving wife, mother, and friend from our church was taken to meet the Lord suddenly and unexpectedly. This week, our hearts ache for our brothers and sisters in Christ. It still seems so surreal. Please take a moment to surround the family in prayer, especially her mother, her husband, and her two girls. In the midst of all that our church family is feeling, we rest in the ultimate truth: that God is good- always. He is our father, and we are loved by him. He is always with us. Even in the midst of our hurting, He is there. Perfect in all of his ways. His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Though we can't understand it all, we find peace in knowing that the Lord is sovereign. That his plan is ultimately good, and that He knows what we need. That we are loved by him.

If you've never heard the song before, I'd encourage you to listen to it. If you know it by heart, sing along. Hug your loved ones. Laugh and love freely. Cherish your days, and make the most of them. Remember that every second of life is precious, but that ultimately this is not our home. That there is so much more to look and long towards: an eternal life worshipping the Lord and dwelling with Him, our father. And if you're searching for answers, remember that He is the answer. He is the truth. And you are loved, oh so loved.

"Love so undeniable I can hardly speak. Peace so unexplainable I, I can hardly think as you call me deeper still into love, love, love. You're a good good father. It's who you are. It's who you are. It's who you are. And I 'm loved by you. It's who I am." 

If you'd like to talk more about faith or have any questions, please contact me here. I'd love to share more about why I follow Jesus and what He's done to show just how much He loves us all.



  1. I've never heard this song before, so thank you for sharing. It's beautiful. I'm also very sorry to hear about the friend from your Church passing. Much love and prayers to her family.

  2. Great reminder. I hate that, so often, it takes tragedy to remind us to appreciate the ones we love. I've been trying lately to really make that a priority, even when loving is hard.

  3. Such a wonderful song filled with so much hope. God bless the Hermes family. <3

  4. I love that song - it's one of my favorites! So sorry to hear of your loss. Praying for comfort and peace for you and all those affected...

    Casey |

  5. That is one of my favorite songs and we just sang it this week -- also after an unexpected loss in in our church/community. We've been thinking through similar thoughts and prayers this week.

  6. This is hnads down one of my favorite worship songs. I listened to it when I'm feeling down on my parenting or wife-ing, because that message "I'm loved by You' means so much in those low moments. I am so sorry for your church's loss and we're praying for them<3

  7. This is my "theme" song for this year. It's a wonderful reminder of the character of God in both trial and joy. Visiting from #intentionaltuesday today :)


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