Monday, September 23, 2019

And the Kitchen Sink

Occasionally we need a "sub" babysitter to watch our Eli when one of his grandmas can't. Sometimes, that duty falls to Aaron's sweet 80 year old grandmother, affectionately referred to as "Gigi" by Eli. She's his only great-grandparent, and she is one incredible lady. I can always tell when Gigi watches Eli, because I come home and notice little things randomly cleaned up around our house. But they aren't little to me.

As a full time working mama who is often just trying to make it through (while also growing Baby K number two), there are just certain cleaning jobs that often get left undone. Sure, I can find time to keep up with the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the sheets, and the weekly bathroom scrubs, but I just can't find the time to do the random deep cleaning. And so, our microwave, our oven, our doors, and other random places just get a little less loving than they should.

But when Gigi is here, she isn't afraid to pick up a sponge and some cleaner and get to work. And when I notice, it nearly brings me to tears. When our double-sided white sink is freshly clean, I notice. When our microwave is returned to its original white, and not a spot can be found, I notice. When the little things are tidied up, I notice, and I'm grateful.

With Baby K number two on the way, I'm realizing more and more what an act of love and service this is. That I have all the bulky baby items and burp clothes I'm going to need this time around, but that what I'll really long for after delivery is this: those who come in and love and serve without asking. Who deliver coffee or a smile or a brief adult interaction. Especially knowing that this time around I'll also be wrangling a toddler while surviving the newborn fog.

I'm willing to bet that most mamas (new or not) feel like this: that what they really would love most is a little cleaning to make them feel like life is more in order, a meal that offers them more time to snuggle and less to cook, a free sitter for an hour or two so that they can nap, get their nails done, date their spouse, or just feel like a normal human for a little while. That someone would step into the void that feels like "I can't" and turn it into something that feels handled. Because there is so much that just isn't during that season, and to a "doer" like me, it can be both freeing and stressful.

And then I'm compelled to ask myself, how often am I willing to do this for someone else? How often am I brave enough to see or anticipate a need, and then step up to serve lovingly in that way, even when I'm not necessarily asked to? How often do I go out of my way just a bit to do something that feels like a lot to another? If they'd feel half as loved as I do when Gigi or my mom or someone else does the little things that make a huge difference, then gosh, it's certainly worth finding the time and energy to make it happen for someone else. Because to me, it means everything: everything and the kitchen sink.



  1. She'll be so flattered to see this on the blog! Awesome reflection Kels ��

    1. Thank you for showing it to her! I'm so glad she loved it!


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