Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

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When we first bought our house back in September of 2013, I knew the dining room was one of the very first places that I knew I'd need to update. Why? Because it's a place where we spend so. much. time. We've spent hours and hours there having long talks, sharing laughter with friends, and tasting delicious meals and yummy treats. We've made big decisions and debated bigger ones. We've felt joy and sorrow- all around the table in this room. For many families, a dining room is a place to host guests or share evening meals. This space should be one you're proud of, one that reflects you, your style, and maybe even your idea of hospitality. (If you'd like to check out ours, click here!) Here are some useful tips to help you create the perfect dining room!

Look for Inspiration Online 

Thanks to our world of Instagram and Pinterest, it's so easy to search for awesome interior design inspiration online. Why not create your own mood board on Pinterest to help you put together the perfect dining room based on current trends or your own personal style? If you struggle with creatively putting together different colors and materials, check out design blogs and image-based social media websites for the perfect starting point (then make it YOURS)! 

Pick a Theme 

After you've gathered some inspiration, you may want to consider choosing a theme. For example, I went with a rustic dining room for our home- you can take a look at the post for ideas. Of course, the options are endless, from classic and monochrome to glamorous and bohemian. Nevertheless, picking a theme will help you to tie everything together nicely. You'll have a focus point when shopping and planning, which makes the process a lot easier.

Think Carefully About Your Table

Your choice of table plays an important role. After all, when you are in the dining room, you're only going to be at one place – the table! Consider the style of the table in relation to the style of the overall room. Also consider the size and shape of the table. How many people do you want to fit around it? What do you see yourself doing at the table? This can help you determine what type of material you'd like it to be made out of, and how picky you want to be about having people use coasters. Rectangular tables can typically fit more people around them, yet round tables are great for encouraging conversation. Size wise, you'll need to make sure there's going to be more than enough space for people to move around the room with ease.  Rectangular tables can typically fit more people around them, while round tables are great for encouraging conversation. Don't forget that the shape of the room is important too. A rectangular table will suit a rectangular room, while a round table will suit a square room.

Keep it Comfy

Another vital element of any dining room is comfort. No matter what theme you've chosen or what sort of table you're going to purchase, you need to create a dining space that is comfortable. Of course, this always starts with the dining room chairs that you choose. Upholstered seats are a good option. You could also consider adding stylish seat cushions to wooden chairs. After all, no one is going to want to stay at your house for a long time if it hurts to sit in your dining room! (And they definitely wouldn't want to play cards or games for long periods of time.) You can also add comfort by bringing different textures into the room through your curtains and other fabrics.

Choose Statement Lighting 

Lighting is important in any room, and your dining area is no different. After all, you want your guests to be able to see what they are eating and converse with one another with ease! You can also use your lighting as an opportunity to create a statement feature within the room. Check out these rectangular crystal chandelier dining room options for a good example. If you were to walk into any dining room with lighting like this, the chandelier would be the first thing that captures your attention, completely captivating the room and dictating the look and feel of it. Find a good statement piece and go with it!

Don't Forget About Storage

Last but not least, if you need to store items within your dining room, such as your finest china, do so intelligently. Most dining rooms don't have any clutter whatsoever on display, so you need to make sure your dining room doesn't have any "extra stuff" just lying around. Think about getting furniture pieces with different functions and hidden storage, which can give you a place for those stubborn piles that show up around the house.

Embrace Your Colorful Side

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add some personality to your dining room is through the use of color. There are many different ways to inject some color into your room. One of the easiest options is by painting your dining room walls or by creating an accent wall. Painting made alll the different in our dining room redo.  You can also get real leather chairs in many different colors. For a cost-efficient solution, choose a vibrant tablecloth. I personally suggest going for a neutral color palette and then bringing it to life with carefully selected, colorful accessories.

Well there you have it: the important steps you need to take when creating the perfect dining room. With the help of these tips (and your creative self) should have no trouble creating a dining room that wows and amazes. This will ensure you have the perfect place for dining and socializing with friends and family members. And most importantly, choose what YOU love, something that you can fall in love with again and again as you see it each day. I still love how ours turned out! Cheers to decorating fun! 



  1. Love the idea of choosing a theme! It really makes everything feel whole, personal, and cozy. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. These are great tips! I believe it's helpful when seeking to decorate a room to have a theme because it keeps everything from looking to jumbled and all over the place. I love the simplicity of your decor in your dinning room!

    1. Thank you! I agree! And thank you, I have found that the simplicity leaves it a nice pallet for extra decor around the holidays.

  3. I think a theme is especially important, because too many random items can really throw off the feel of a room. I can't wait to move to a place that's actually big enough to have a dining room + a table to eat at! 😅😂

    1. Yesss, for sure! I bet that will be so exciting!!

  4. That's really interesting what you've said about rectangular versus circular tables. And I love the color schemes.

  5. absolutely love the center piece!

    1. Thank you so much! My hubby actually made it for me!


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