Monday, June 25, 2018

New York City for Couples

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Traveling as a couple is one of my very favorite things to do. You've got a built-in travel buddy, a chance for thousands of memories, and a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and adventure together. Though there are so many types of vacations you could take, big city vacations are without a doubt some of the most jam-packed vacations you can enjoy. When it comes to cities, there’s one that appears on more bucket lists than the rest of the US combined: New York, New York. Here are just a few of the options that New York City has to offer couples!

See a Show Together

One thing that I've always wanted to do with Aaron is to see a Broadway show together. I went to two when I was in New York City with my High School Choir (we sang at Carnegie Hall!), but I've never been with Aaron! Aaron was actually up for it, we just didn't plan ahead enough and the shows didn't work with our schedule. If your guy is a little reluctant to visit the theater, maybe find a show that’s a little more gender neutral, like A Bronx Tale at the Longacre Theatre. Most guys enjoy a show as much as any girl, sometimes it’s just about convincing them to get in.

Listen to Some Music (And Maybe Even Dance)

What better way to cap off the evening after a show than to take a night on the town? Enjoy a cocktail and hit the dance floor together. I'm a huge sucker for dancing, and I love when Aaron twirls me around and we share a good laugh. Side note- I knew I would marry him when we danced at my friend's wedding just one month into dating. Anyways, there are plenty of places to get your groove on in New York, but an extra unique experience can be found at Dizzy’s Jazz Club. Overlooking Central Park, this speakeasy is in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the whole city, and always has fantastic live music from some of the country’s very best jazz artists. I'd love to check it out the next time we're in the Big Apple!

Take a Stroll Around Town

The city is absolutely overloaded with fantastic places for a romantic stroll. A lot of them can be found in or near Brooklyn, which was a really fun place to visit the last time we went to New York City. Take a boat out to Coney Island for a day of sand, sea, and old-school fun in what was once known as the "Playground of the World". There are few things more romantic than imagining a walk hand-in-hand along the boardwalk, listening to distant sounds of fun as they meet the tranquil waves of the coast. Sign me up for that now, am I right??

Breathe in the Beauty of the Outdoors

For as crowded and truly modern of a city as it might be, New York is not without its quiet places of beauty, either. Central Park might be a little crowded, but the New York Botanical Gardens offer a more tranquil experience. But don't assume that tranquil means boring: this place has flashes of color and fragrance that can make each individual garden thoroughly worth taking the time to explore. There are exhibits of all kinds, too, from music and poetry to farmers' markets. There’s always something happening around the city, so plan your visit well to catch your favorite kind of event.

Jump into culture, see sights like never before, and enjoy the high life together in New York. Crowded as it might be, few places truly capture the spirit of exploring a true metropolis quite like it does. What's on your list for you next visit to the Big Apple?



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