Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Foolproof Tips to Soothe Your Baby

Soothing your baby can seem impossible sometimes. It's sooo frustrating, and you can feel helpless, especially in the middle of the night. Every baby is different, but there are plenty of techniques you can try to soothe your baby as quickly as possible. Check out these foolproof techniques and find what works for your little one.

Shush Your Baby

Gently shushing your baby close to their ear can remind them of the relaxing sounds they grew used to in the womb. There’s a reason so many people do this to their babies! Shushing is a great part of the five "s"s: shushing, swaddling, sideways (turn and hold them), swinging, and sucking. Those five were awesome help for me when Eli was a newborn! Find out what your baby likes, and do it. It brings you sanity!

Sing Or Read To Them In A Soothing Voice

This one’s a no brainer, but I'll include it just in case the newborn fog has you brain dead. Singing or reading to your baby in a soothing voice can help them to relax - sometimes, different songs can make them feel differently. Find one of your favorite songs and give it a shot- and even if you aren't a singer, they won't mind. 

Take Them To The Sink

You’re not going to give your baby a bath in the sink. Simply turn on the faucet and let your baby watch the running water and listen to the relaxing sound of it gushing. This trick has been known to make babies fall asleep almost instantly, even after a stressful experience, like their monthly shots.



Aromatherapy is safe for babies too, and can help them to settle and get a better night’s sleep. All you need is a high quality air fragrance diffuser and some quality essential oils, and you’re good to go. Make sure you take a look a the best essential oils for babies first. You might even find that you like them so much that you want to use it to destress and settle yourself.

Try The Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming might be a dreaded chore for you, but it can be a great way to soothe your baby. Again, this is all about the noise reminding them of being inside of the womb. It's funny how a sound can do that!

Turn The Lights On And Off

This may seem like a strange way to distract your baby, but some parents find that it really works. Try flicking the lights on and off until your little one has calmed themselves down. Hopefully, you’ll notice a change in their behavior pretty quickly.

Download An App

If you’re a little worried about using the vacuum cleaner and other appliances whenever your baby gets upset, don’t be. You can now download an app to mimic these noises instead. You can play them the sound of the dryer, and even a heartbeat sound to soothe them. This is a cheap and convenient way to calm your baby down, and it's something that's mobile and can be taken along on car rides, trips, and while hanging out in the homes of others. 

If you’ve been struggling to soothe your little one, hopefully the tips here have given you some hope and help you to find new ways of getting them to settle. Have any tips that aren't included? Leave them below!


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