Friday, February 3, 2017

January Recap

And just like that, we are into February and only about four weeks away from my due date with Baby K. (WHAT!) I can't believe how quickly January went by. For so long, I just focused on getting through Christmas, and then all of a sudden January was here and it was time to plan showers, check off lists, and get everything finished up before Baby joins us here on the other side. Here's what we've been up to for the last month, along with a few blog posts from January in case you missed them! T-minus thirty days until we are parents!

Baby Showers, Appointments, and Classes

January has been all about attending my bi-weekly doctor's appointments, going to our Beyond Birth class, and having my first baby shower! I've become pretty good friends with the secretaries and nurses who see me pretty much all the time, and I'm definitely feeling a little more knowledgeable about some elements of parenthood. My last blood draw is coming up to check my platelets, but we are SO grateful that Baby K is growing on track and is healthy. I'm also really excited for a couple more baby showers coming up in February!

The Ice Storm that Wasn't

Here in KC, we had some major anticipation of Ice Storm Jupiter that ended up being not much of a storm at all. It got us out of school early, shut down churches, and even caused them to cancel our Childbirth Class! (Don't worry, we've got one scheduled for next weekend now.) I totally get wanting to be safe and keep people off of the roads, but it was pretty crazy how much the city was shut down...and then we ended up getting barely any precipitation at all.

Maternity Photos

Just one weekend after the nasty temps of the ice storm, we ended up having a beautiful 60 degree January day to take our maternity photos. It was one of my very favorite parts of the month. I always love taking photos with Aaron and my friend Lacey of Lacey Rene' Studios. For someone who doesn't feel so photogenic, I'm loving how they are turning out, and I can't wait to see (and share) more pictures celebrating the bump!


 A New Degree

January also brought on some change in another way: Aaron started working on earning his Master's Degree in Educational Leadership (also known as administration). I'm so proud of him and all of the hard work he's putting in to be a student again, which can be hard after several years out of school. The program is all online, which is super convenient and makes it much more doable with our baby on the way. He will be done within two years, and I'm excited for his new adventure. Baby K will be able to see Daddy get his Master's before we know it!

Finalizing the Nursery

I logged on to our registry and was shocked to find that we only have about 30 days left until Baby is expected! Once you get within two weeks, it really could be any time, so I'm definitely feeling the need to get things cranked out and finalized. This includes our nursery! Aaron is hard at work on a fun handmade project that will make the wall look amazing, and we recently picked up a new closet door and finished paint touch-ups. I also started organizing shower gifts and nesting, while finding a place for everything to go in the room. I'm loving it, and can't wait to share the big reveal in the next week or two. Check out my inspiration here!

In Case You Missed Them This Month:

I'll be sharing my 36 week bump date here next week, along with some maternity photos and maybe a travel post or two. Be on the look out for those. Cheers to February: the last, shortest month before our baby!



  1. Wow!! This post bought smiles on my face 😊 I love photos and your maternity pic is superb. All the best dear 😘

  2. Aw, your maternity photo is beautiful! It's crazy how fast pregnancy goes! My daughter will be 10 this year, and it blows my mind! Congrats :)

  3. I can't wait to see the nursery reveal! Do I see a travel theme happening..?

  4. I know, where did January go!? Congrats on 36 weeks, must feel like such an achievement right? You look so beautiful in that floral dress. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, Kelsie!

    xx, Kusum |

  5. Looks like a fun, busy month for you guys! So exciting that baby will be here soon! <3

  6. I can't wait for my baby showers! And here's to getting nurseries done on time! Haha ;)

  7. Your maternity pictures look like they are so so cute! And I love the inspiration for your nursery!


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