Friday, July 29, 2016

Five on Friday: July Updates

Well hey there, strangers! It's been one heck of a month around these parts...which can explain the reason for my basically month-long hiatus from the blogging world. Between travels and feeling icky and taking on some new adventures, there just hasn't been a whole lot of time to sit and fill this corner of the internet. I've been grateful for time unplugged and the chance to be fully present, time spent making memories and sharing laughs and dreams for the future. Here's what we've been up to this month!

1. YoungLife Camp

From July 2nd to the 10th, I spent the week sleeping on the floor and sharing a bathroom with 17 sweet girls. We had a crazy amount of fun running around in Christmas sweaters and midnight obstacle courses and more, but the highlight was really getting to share our hearts and stories as they heard the story of Jesus and his love for them (some of them for the first time!). It's always an exhausting, amazing experience that humbles me and reminds me of just how big and amazing God is, and how honored I am to be along for the ride as he changes lives for eternity! (For more on what YoungLife is all about, check out this post!)

2. Greece! 

If you follow along on Instagram, you caught sight of some of the breathtakingly gorgeous photos from our time in Greece! We scaled mountains and more than one acropolis, explored islands and ancient ruins, and really just had an amazing time exploring a beautiful country full of very sweet people. We've got a bajillion wonderful photos to show, so I'll have to get those in a post in the next few weeks. I'm so behind on travel posts, but am so grateful for all the amazing traveling we've had time for this summer.

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3. A New Addition 

Hold your horses, folks. I'm talking about a new transportation addition to our family. Aaron and I bought a car! This little lady (she looks like a lady to me, anyways) is the first car we've ever purchased, and we are still amazed and thrilled about the way she came to be ours. Craigslist rocks, y'all. We would never have purchased a 2014 Toyota Camry XLE new on our own, but the family selling it was moving to New York City, the price was right, and it just worked out perfectly. With only 35,000 miles on it (and some heated seats I'm pretty thrilled about), we've got years and years ahead of us with this car! We bought it right before YoungLife Camp, and have been gone nearly the entire month, so it's just been sitting in our garage for now. I'm excited to start driving it more in the coming weeks.

4. A Year Older

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday. It's hard to believe that I'm now officially way closer to 30 than I am to 20. At the same time, I think that 27 is going to be my favorite year yet. Even though the mid-20s are a weird time full of laughter, adventure, and confusion, I truly do feel blessed to be in this stage of life, and I'm loving seeking to make the most of each moment I've been given. It scares me to think about getting older (and having those I love do the same), but I truly believe that aging is a privilege that not everyone gets to experience, and that helps remind me just how blessed I am to wake up each new day. Twenty six was probably one of my favorite years ever, and I'm excited to see how 27 will top it!

5. Summer Lovin' and Dreamin'

In the time that we didn't spend at YoungLife Camp, in Greece, or celebrating my birthday, it's been fun to just enjoy summer. Pool days, reading lots of books, and just talking about life have been good for my soul and my stress. I have done officially nothing for school all summer long, which I think is good and necessary to feel re-charged for the coming school year. I'm excited to start year 6 and be tenured and feel like I'm in my teacher groove. I'm blessed to have some amazing kiddos back again that I had in class last year, which makes it even more fun. I'm also excited to get back into blogging some more. I've had a lot of time to think and dream about lots of new things I'd like to share on the blog, and I'm excited to share them with you in the coming weeks and months!

I hope your July has been fabulous! Cheers to the rest of summer.



  1. I've been following thew pictures and it looks like an amazing summer! I've heard of YoungLife a few times, but have never really learned exactly what it you have a post like that?? I would love to learn more!

    1. I went up and linked in info to another post on YoungLife that I've written. Check it out :)

  2. Greece!! You lucky, lucky gal!!!! Looks like you're having the best summer ever.

  3. Your Greece pictures are amazing! I have always wanted to go there. Happy birthday! 27 was my best year so far and I hope it is for you too.

    1. Thanks so much, Brittany! I highly recommend it. I'm so excited for this year!


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