Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goodbye, Old Friend

Yesterday, Aaron and I said goodbye to an old friend. Or at least to what seems like an old friend. Really we had only known her for about three years. Before you get to be feeling too sorry for us, you should know that we really just sold Aaron's car. Good ole Tori. "She" was a '99 Ford Taurus that Aaron inherited from a great aunt in Texas.

It's funny how you can get slightly emotionally attached to a car. Or rather, attached to the memories that you associate with the car. As Aaron sat cleaning out his belongings from the car, I could tell that he was reminiscing a bit. Tori was pretty special to us because Aaron and I literally went on our first date the night before Aaron flew down to Texas with his grandma to get the car. They drove it back from Texas a couple days later, and then Tori was my boyfriend's car. And then my fiancé's, and then my husband's. She's the only car that I've really ever known Aaron to drive since he was mine.

Aaron almost sold her once, to help buy my engagement ring. But things fell through and he kept her around. He student taught, interviewed, and got his job in Tori. We went on a couple of road trips in her, and lots of fun dates. She was a loyal friend to Aaron on his drive to and from school. But because Aaron also has a truck that he bought in high school, we owned three cars, which just didn't seem reasonable. So it was time for Tori to move on. But she won't be going too far away: the man who bought the car is giving it to his grandson, who actually goes to the high school that I work at. Meanwhile, Aaron will drive his truck and we will save up for a new (at least to us) four door car.

So it's not goodbye, Tori, but see ya later, in the school parking lot.



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