Thursday, November 12, 2020

Eli's Big Boy Room Reveal

Well, it's been almost a year. But hey, turns out that having a baby, navigating a world-wide pandemic, teaching online, and starting/running a business can give you a run for your money! Anyways, it has been a long time coming, but I'm finally sharing Eli's Big Boy Room today on the blog. Check it out! 

Little man needed to move over to a big boy room before his little sis made her way into the world. Last Thanksgiving, we decided to have Eli vacate the crib and get used to his new room a couple of months before my due date. Turned out to be a good idea, because Addie joined us 10 days early, just like Eli did! 

We started with naps in the big bed (a full), and then transitioned to full time sleeping in there. Eli was nearly three at this point, but he had never really been a crib climber so we rode out the crib as long as we could. We had a full bed in our guest room anyways, with a reversible navy comforter, so I took that and ran with it. I did buy a "bumper" online from Amazon, which I love because it just goes underneath the fitted sheet and is soft and easy to slide in or out and take along with us if needed. Honestly, on trips, we have just put pillows underneath the fitted sheet and it has accomplished a similar effect. Here's the link to our bumper! 

Eli is a HUGE dinosaur fan (cue the THREE REX Bday Party), so I wanted to run with that, and tie in pops of navy with the bedspread. I also wanted to lighten up the walls, and change up the white trim. We redid our own bedroom a couple of years ago, so we went with the same trim color (Bistro White), along with a gray that was on the same paint strip as our master bathroom, but was a shade lighter: Valspar's Seashell Gray. I LOVE it so much and it really makes the room feel light and airy. Plus, I don't want to re-do E's room a million times when he changes his mind on what he likes. So I figured if we did a pale gray then we could change out bed sheets and other decor, but we wouldn't be constantly re-painting the room. And it's great for a guest room or future re-sale if needed! 

I wanted the decor to be simple and affordable, yet all about Eli. So we went with a few different E pieces that I found at Hobby Lobby on sale, along with some of Eli's own decor. There are canvases of bulldozers that both he and Aaron painted (can you guess whose is whose ha?). There is also a framed coloring page he made the summer I was pregnant, which is pretty crazy because he somehow always knew that he was getting a baby sister even though she was a surprise to us! (We didn't find out the gender of our babies before they were born- best surprise ever.)



From there, I found some curtains I liked from Kohl's that weren't nuts expensive. I ended up loving the simple navy stripes, and I liked how it both a little color into the room. We also had a couple of awesome Royals paintings that we got from a Wine and Design shop one time when we were there for a Valentine's Day Date. Turns out that they often sell their sample paintings they make while teaching classes, and they were really affordable- like five bucks! 

We pulled all of our books off of the old bookshelf we already had in the room from when it was our "guest room" and found new homes for them. Then I purchased a couple of cute, simple bins from Kohl's so I would have a place to dump Eli's toys and have it look organized without spending a bunch. I love them so much and Eli can pull them out and play, then pick up after himself. It's the best. 

We finished up the decor with a few photo frames and family pictures out at The Brim with Eli. They were our fall family photos, as well as our last photos as a family of three, so they are extra special to us and I don't know that I'll replace them anytime soon. I also moved over a few of the hospital photos with E from the nursery. We don't have a door on the closet still, but I honestly don't know that we'll worry about it for a while. I keep it pretty organized, and found a couple of Dollar Store Bins that make it look decent without a door. Who knows.

All in all, E is thrilled with his room and is happy to show it off to anyone who comes to visit or play. We are so grateful that he is such a great sleeper and that he loves his room and had no problems moving over before Baby Sis joined us. He was happy to let the nursery be Addie's room, and we're glad he has his own amazing space! 




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