Tuesday, July 28, 2020


30 has come and gone. I may only be changing digits and not decades this year, but it has been one of growth and being stretched in ways I never anticipated. 30 brought our sweet baby girl. It brought bump pics and potty training and cheesin after church. It brought the launch of The Brim, and learning how to be business partners with your spouse (and somehow still like each other). It brought questions and dreams, risks and leaps. Being stretched in more ways than I knew possible, and yet somehow feeling invigorated by the change I typically hate. It brought learning how to be a mom of two, working online from home, and never “going back” in person from my maternity leave. It brought a global pandemic, anxiety, and a season of waiting and longing while also holding on to hope and trust. It brought the decision to step away from teaching for a season, to follow my heart and my current calling, even through it’s risky and unknown. 

I may not be reflecting on an entire decade today, but somehow I feel like this year has grown me in similar ways to that of all my twenties combined. Just when you think you’ve figured out a good chunk of your life, things seems to be shaken up and rearranged with more questions than answers. And yet, there is beauty in the journey and joy in the unveiling of the next step ahead- with just enough light to find footing on a path that is largely dark. 

I know I will be here until my purpose is fulfilled, and I am grateful that it seems God has more up His sleeves for my life than I could have dreamed. I’ve realized that it is a blessing to grow older, and so today I march forward with a little more gray in my hair, a little more pep in my step, and a little more confidence that 31 will be a year of growth, hope, and striving to make a difference with the days that I’m given. Here we go! 



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