Saturday, March 9, 2019

Space Saving Ideas for Your Master Bath

Ensuite master bathrooms are a plus in any house. There’s something luxurious about being able to head straight to the toilet without running down the hallway in your jammies. It’s almost like the convenience of a hotel room in the heart of your home. I never had a bathroom in my bedroom until I moved into an apartment during my first year of teaching, and I knew there was never any going back! If your bedroom and bathroom remodel priorities are anything like mine, I will absolutely neglect my own private space because I know other folks won't really see it. But that's not a great way to handle remodels because you'll end up hating the outdated decor and space wasting appliances you see on a daily basis. Here are some space saving ideas to consider for your master bath!

Sneaky Storage

In the majority of cases, ensuites are so small that they don’t exactly scream storage. It may be so bad that you have to keep all your bathroom basics shoved in the larger bathroom (like I do). Of course, we can’t literally create more space in your ensuite. We can, however, suggest sneaky storage solutions which might achieve the same goal. Something as simple as a cabinet under your sink could do the trick. This won’t take up more room than a standard option, but it can provide you with at least a few shelves. Other good choices include shelves that don’t take any floor space at all. You definitely don't want to make the room feel any more crowded than it already does, even with your stuff there.


Wetroom Designs

If you try to fit a bulky shower cubicle or bathtub into your master bath, you may struggle. These take up an enormous amount of square footage, and you may not need them. By designing a wetroom, you can make use of options like these showers for small bathrooms without needing a cubicle. With the right flooring and wall tiles, you’ll be able to simply stick one of these on your wall and open the whole room up. That means more space all around, as well as an on-trend design.

Floating Appliances

Along the same vein as shelves, you might want to think about floating appliances. Again, these work wonders for freeing up floor space. If you pair these with that wetroom idea, you can bet your master bath will soon feel more extensive and open than ever before. That’s because you won’t have any bulky bottoms to attend with. You won’t have to worry about tripping over your sink stand at night anymore, or stubbing your toe on that toilet. You’ll be able to glide in without any obstacles and do the do in ultimate luxury.

It's take to take that cluttered master bath and make it a space you love (one where you can actually move). Go for it!



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