Sunday, May 13, 2018

Five Great Places for a Couples Vacation in Italy

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If you'd like to find a country with natural beauty, warmth, friendly people, and loads of history, Italy should be on your bucket list. When we went on our 16 day adventure around Europe, I totally fell in love with this country, and I was incredibly jealous when my husband got to go without me last summer (mom probs). There's such a wide range of activities to enjoy in all of its major cities. Whether you’re a wine lover or are interested in the latest creations of Italian designers, you'll find great places to explore, even on a budget. Regardless, Italy’s cities are also some of the most romantic, and are perfect for a couples’ trip. Here are five Italian places you should consider for your next getaway!


Venice is seriously one of my favorite places I've ever been. Ever. In case you haven’t been down the canal on a gondola with your other half yet, this might be your time to experience romance on the next level. Visit the Bridge of Sighs and the Doge’s Palace, and be sure to sign up for a walking tour so you can fully appreciate everything this great city has to offer. We had an amazing experience on our walking tour, and it was so fun to ride the water taxis and navigate the maze of streets (where no cars are allowed)! When in Venice, you shouldn’t be on a tight travel schedule; simply soak in and enjoy the atmosphere and make memories that last. 


Those who love beautiful things and architecture could spend months in this amazing city: the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence has breathtaking scenes and buildings, as well as modern department stores and vibrant nightlife. The museums are amazing too! You can find great boutique hotels to suit every budget. Admire the rooftop terraces or the private gardens, take a trip to the countryside, and go on a wine tasting tour. We loved our evening trip out to Tuscany, even though it briefly rained and hailed. Tuscany is incredibly gorgeous and perfect for a couple's trip.


Rome is the eternal city, and is lives up to all the expectations by being full of history, character, and culture. Whether you want to see the usual attractions or explore the seven hills that surround the downtown, you won't have any trouble finding something to do. Roam the churches and cathedrals, visit the Baroque fountains, and - of course - make time to see Pantheon and the Acropolis. We loved staying a little off of the beaten path and finding the less touristy spots. We also went on some self-guided tours that were great and saved us money on public transportation.


We were only in Milan for a brief train stop, but fashionistas and young couples will love it. Milan is a modern city with a lot of history. There are designer stores all over the city, and you're sure to find something to learn from those living here when it comes to sophisticated style. With plenty of galleries and museums, you can enjoy the great hospitality of the city- no matter what time of year. To see some stunning architecture, be sure to check out the Sforza Castle and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. And by the way, they don't mess around with their pizza over there! 


Naples is less known among couples, but is another fantastic destination for a romantic getaway. Try a traditional pizza, check out the shopping district, and find your next favorite designer. From Naples, you can book a Pompeii tour or a trip to Herculaneum as well, so you get in a little history too. There are several sites providing recommendations on the best things to do in Naples, so be sure to create a list so you don’t run out of time.

Italy is a perfect destination for couples looking to spend a few romantic days together in an incredible place. The locals really are kind, and the Italian cities are full of character, charm, and history. I will definitely be back again soon! Enjoy!



  1. I've always wanted to go to Europe because all of the European countries just have such a rich history! I think Italy (especially Rome) is the highest on my traveling bucket list right now :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    1. Ahhh, yes! It's absolutely incredible and so worth a trip!

  2. I want to go to Italy soooo so bad. It crushes me that we haven't had the opportunity to travel yet. But we're hoping once my husband is out of the military, traveling will be much easier for us to do. I'm secretly planning a couples trip to Europe for next summer so we'll see how that goes haha

    1. It's amazing!!!! That is SOOO fun- I hope you can make it work!

  3. I love Italy! I'd love to travel there with my husband some day. The food, wine, scenery, it all makes for the perfect romantic getaway!

    1. Yes, you should definitely go! It's romantic and beautiful!


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