Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Recap

I can't believe that February is already here! January was a fairly long month compared to the last few, but it definitely still managed to sneak by in the way that only time can. I can't believe that this is our last month before Eli turns one year old. How is that even possible? Here's what we've been up to since 2018 started.

Eli's Eleven Month Update

And just like that, it's time for my last monthly update before we've had a whole year of loving Mr. E! I'd say he's weighing in right around 19 pounds and is about 30 inches long. With him pulling up on everything, I'm realizing I'll be saying how many inches "tall" he is in no time! Aaron is making him a special growth chart board in his shop at school, and we're excited to start using it on Eli's first birthday.

E's still in the same size clothes and diapers, is still sleeping through the night, and is still nursing, but boy oh boy has this been a big month of change for him in other ways! Eli started standing up in his crib, and even took some little teeth mark chunks out of the inner railing while waiting for Daddy to come get him one afternoon. He cried a few times because he wasn't sure how to get down, but ever since he has gotten good at squatting back down. E is also crawling up the stairs like a boss, and pulls up to stand on anything he can find around him.

Our first Christmas and New Year's Eve with Eli were fabulous. Seeing everything through the eyes of a baby truly brings new life to it all. And snow days with baby boy are a whole 'nother level of wonderful! Last year I was worried about having to make the days up, and go unpaid on extra maternity leave, but this year I'm all about surprise days home with my boys.

There have been SO many new fun things that little man is up to these days, including waving, high fiving, playing with kitchen drawers and dish towels, and pointing to everything while making the "hmmm" sound. He laughs when I stick out my tongue and say "Boo", says "dog" occasionally, and loves running up and down the halls and around the table with Mama and Daddy. His little laugh just kills me! I am so excited to celebrate his first year here soon. He is the best!

Snow Day Fun and Productivity 

We enjoyed two snow days off together (being married teachers is the bomb!). In addition to our New Year's Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, plus weekends, we didn't work a whole lot in January. It was pretty nice to be honest, especially coming off of Christmas Break. I love getting to sleep in just a touch later, hang out with Eli, enjoy breakfast and coffee with Aaron, and have a built in day to get a lot done around the house. We are knee deep in the midst of our bedroom remodel. Over the course of January, we were able to get everything painted and get new white trim done. Aaron also re-did the tile in our bathroom. Now I'm dreaming and planning our dream room and I'm SO pumped. Can't wait to share!

Shower Fun!

I have a whole lot of dear friends who are expecting sweet babies in the next few months. It's so much fun to get to welcome them into motherhood, and I love being there to chat with them about their worries and the new experiences ahead for them. That's a huge part of my blog, and if you haven't checked out my Motherhood posts, you should! I'm helping host a shower for a friend in January and I'm SO pumped because I love throwing parties, especially when they are for awesome friends!

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Cheers to February, and Superbowl, valentines, babies, and birthday fun. What have you been up to!?



  1. Yay for remodels!! That's so exciting and fun! Also, Eli is so cute!

    1. Thank you so much, Summer! I agree- they are SO much fun but a whole lot of work. And they take a million times longer with a baby ha. I love watching you guys finish up your home! And thanks so much- we love our little man so much!

  2. WHAT A CUTIE!! He's such a blend between you and your hubs, I can't even choose who he looks more like!!

    1. Ahhhh, thanks Erica :) I agree- I always thought he was total Aaron, but now I think I'm seeing more of a blend for sure!!


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