Monday, November 6, 2017

October Recap

October was a big month around here! We had parent teacher conferences, two weddings (one of which was out of town and Aaron was a groomsmen), Eli's Baptism, Fall Fest, Trunk or Treat, a half marathon, and Halloween. Phew. It was a full, fun month, but I'm also glad that the last week has been much more laid back. Here's our October recap!

Eli's Eight Month Update

Eli turned EIGHT months old in October, and I can hardly believe it! We went another month without  an official well visit, but Eli is weighing in at about 17.2 lbs. I'm excited to see his official numbers at his nine month appointment in November. He's started wearing 9 month clothes, is still rockin' size 3 diapers, and can now sit alone without toppling over! He is rolling and rolling anywhere and everywhere, and sometimes he'll get up on all fours and rock a little bit. He is so close to crawling, which is both exciting and a little bit scary!

Eli got his first two teeth this month, but really didn't have issues with being fussy or waking up a lot (fingers crossed that this continues). He also cheered on Mama at her half marathon, and had his first sleepover at Grandmas's (which went really well for all of us). Eli visited the church nursery for the first time, and was a huge hit. He also got a tear-free flu shot, meaning that he must not take after Mama and her needle-related anxiety. One particularly big thing this month was getting baptized. It was a very special day, and it is our biggest prayer that Eli would grow to know and love the Lord with all that he has: that he would "make Jesus famous" in all that he does. Pretty cool that Eli Robert literally means "my God" and "bright fame". We are so thankful for ur incredible church family, family, and friends, who are all committed to helping us raise our son up in the faith.

E loves saying "dadadada" over and over, jumping up and down, shaking his head no, and trying to eat Mama and Daddy's food off of their plates. He's still nursing, eating, and napping like a champ, and seems to be a big fan of his friends at daycare. All in all, we are so blessed with our sweet little boy, and we have definitely lucked out as he has been a healthy, happy, easy baby thus far (knock on wood). We are looking forward to the next adventures in crawling and pulling up. He's just the best!

My First Half Marathon! 

Guys! I officially ran 13.1 miles without dying. In fact, I loved it, and ran a lot faster than I anticipated. I set out with a goal of 2 hours, which I thought was challenging, yet doable (especially 7 months after having a baby and 5 month after getting back to running). I had no idea what to expect, but I ended up running it in 1 hr and 55 minutes, and I honestly felt like I held back a little. I had the best fans, babysitter, and running buddy. And, now I'm officially crazy and I've already signed up for another in March! I'm excited to hopefully set a new PR, and am happy to have found a new competitive outlet that I enjoy!

Halloween Fun 

Last year I was a pregnant cow and Aaron was a farmer, so this year we just added a little baby cow to the mix. We attended one Halloween party and a Trunk or Treat, and then dressed up at home to hand out candy on Halloween night. Eli wore his costume all three nights without complaint. I think he was the cutest little cow around (🎶Eli-Eli-O🎶). It was so fun to bring a little one into the mix, and I'm excited to come up with a new family costume next year.

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I am so excited to experience the holidays with a little one. Halloween was so much fun, and I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring even more joy. Cheers to November!



  1. Aww, loved reading your recap! It really was a crazy busy month for you but it sure looks like it was fun.


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