Monday, May 29, 2017

A Weekend in St. Louis: The Travel Guide

If you're looking for the perfect little Midwest getaway, St. Louis is a fabulous choice. From baseball to museums, theaters, and more, this city has a lot to offer. Here are some places you'll definitely want to visit and some restaurants you should try during your weekend in St. Louis.

City Museum

If you've got kids, this place is incredible. It's so much fun to crawl around and explore all of the different areas of the museum. Be sure to hit the outdoor climbing area, and bring a pair of knee pads if you want to save your knees!

Magic House

Another kid friendly highlight, this magical house offers tons of fun and educational, hands-on experiences for your kids. If your kids are toddlers up to age twelve, you'll pay $11 each and they'll have a blast. Check out The Magic House website for more info.

Forest Park and the Zoo

One more kid friendly option is visiting the St. Louis Zoo, located in beautiful Forest Park. The zoo offers free admission, with optional activities for additional costs. For hours, check out the zoo's website. The park also boasts an art museum, planetarium, and more, so it's also a great option for adults without kids, too. You can find lots of great hotel deals downtown and in the Forest Park area. 

Busch Stadium 

If you're big baseball fans, or if you just enjoy sports history, you'll definitely want to visit Busch Stadium. If the Cardinals are in town, you can go to a game, or you can tour the stadium on days when they aren't. The downtown setting is a lot of fun and offers a gorgeous backdrop for a ball game. 

The Arch

St. Louis's claims to fame is the Arch. Because St. Louis was dubbed the Gateway to the West, the Gateway Arch was constructed in the 1960s and has been greeting guests ever since. If you'd like to go up in the arch, you can purchase tickets online and save time in line. The ride offers a great view of the city and state line. 

Fox Theatre or The Muny

If you're into theater and music, you'll want to plan a visit to either the Fox Theatre or the outdoor Muny. The Muny is actually America's oldest and largest outdoor theater, and it's great for a visit on a cool summer evening.

Anheuser Busch Brewery

Home of Budweiser, this brewery offers free complimentary tours, as well as Beer Museum Tours or the Day Fresh Tour for an additional fee. You can learn all about the famous Clydesdales, and guests 21 and over can sample the beer. Tours can include kids of all ages.

The Loop

The Delamar Loop is an incredible street home to lots of shopping, multi-national dining, and special events. If you're not feeling so adventurous, there are also several chain restaurants. This area is sure to please!

The Hill

If you're in the mood for Italian food, you've got to check out the Hill. This area offers authentic and delicious options that you can't find at a chain Italian restaurant. Be sure to check out one of my favorites, Anthonino's Taverna. You won't leave disappointed. Or, if you're more of a BBQ person, check out one of the many awesome BBQ spots in St. Louis.

All in all, St. Louis is a fabulous destination for your next weekend getaway. It's an easy drive from many neighboring states, and its attractions are sure to please visitors of all kinds!



  1. we Love st. Louis! One of my besties lives there :) It's such a fun and beautiful town :)

    1. That is SO fun! It's great for sure, although I'm a little bias to KC myself. Come visit us? :)

  2. This is awesome! I'm heading to St Louis in July for a business trip and I have NEVER been so I have no idea what to do during my free time.

    Now my colleagues will think I'm some kind of Toronto-born-st-Louis expert!

    Laura @

    1. I hope it will be helpful. We really enjoyed it!!

  3. The City Museum is literally the coolest thing ever. My husband and I go on dates there all the time!!!

    1. That would be such a fun date night!! I loved visiting City Museum!

  4. We almost made a stop in St. Louis when we drove back from Chicago two years ago. Now I'm thinking we need to make a dedicated trip! My kids (and their parents!) would love the City Museum and Magic House.

    1. You should definitely come. Your kiddos would love it!

  5. We've been talking about going to St. Louis for a long time. I've never been but my husband's family is from there so he's spent a lot of time there. That's for the tips.

    1. That's awesome! Definitely make a visit. You are so welcome!

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