Friday, November 4, 2016

Five on Friday: October Recap and Halloween Fun

And just like that, November is here. It's hard to believe because it's been so stinkin' warm around Kansas City, but hey, I'm not complaining. The months are flying by, so much so that I'm already over halfway through my pregnancy, we're getting close to the holiday season, and our first semester of the school year will be over before we know it! October was a month of joy, progress, and a much needed getaway (along with lots of travel blogging and some Halloween fun). Here's what we've been up to for the last few weeks.

Baby Pumpkin- Halloween

1. Halloween Fun! 

For the first time ever, we were actually at our own home for Halloween night. Normally we have Trunk or Treat at our church, but they moved it to a weekend this year. Instead, we had friends over, dressed up in costumes, and enjoyed handing out candy and keeping track of all the fun costumes of our 60 trick or treaters! One Pokemon themed family really rocked the costume department, and we had a few brave young trick or treaters who proceeded to walk right in our door and down the stairs to our basement. Another cutie named Cooper spotted our "baby pumpkin", which led to a discussion of whether he could see the baby in my tummy or not. Crazy to think that we'll be dressing our little one up for next Halloween (likely as a farm animal to join the farmer's collection).


 2. Pregnancy Updates

I'm finishing up week 22 of my pregnancy, and it's hard to believe that I'm already over halfway done. I'll admit, I'm starting to feel and look like a pregnant lady. I've got a bumpdate coming your way in the next week or two, so be on the look out for some updated photos and info about the new adventures facing me (and my growing belly) this month. As always, I'm continuing to remind myself to trust God through all of the pregnancy fears that sneak into my mind, and prayers for the health of our sweet little nugget are always appreciated.

Baby Ultrasound Picture

3. Travel Planning

Even though Baby K will keep me from traveling too much come January and on, we do have a few travel plans in the works. We're looking at a short Chicago getaway in early December (deep dish pizza and the "L" for the win), followed by a fun Nashville visit with friends over the Christmas season. After that, this mama will be hanging around KC and awaiting baby's arrival, but I'm already thinking ahead to June and July and figuring out which place will get to be baby's first travel adventure. We've got the Southwest Companion pass through next December, so baby will be flying free along with mama at a young age!

Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration
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4. Nursery Updates

We have a CRIB, y'all! It's so crazy to look across the hall from our room and see it in there looking all official and ready for a baby. We were actually planning to have Aaron build our crib (because he's basically awesome and can do everything), but we found an amazing deal in the clearance section at Nebraska Furniture Mart that we just couldn't pass up. Aaron is already rockin' the dad department, and he's been such a go-getter on getting things together in the nursery that we've got the walls and trim done, "new" blinds we found for $3 at the ReStore, and a painted dresser and nightstand in place. Now we're just shopping for a white door for the closet, fun decor, and a new glider for this mama! Any favorites out there, moms??

5. A Houston Visit 

With softball officially over with a Quarterfinal loss, Aaron and I were able to sneak in a little visit to Houston Texas for a long weekend this month. We spent time eating, shopping, relaxing, and even hitting up the Texas Renaissance Festival with his fabulous aunt and uncle. We were also able to meet up with one of my very dear college friends/roomies/bridesmaids and her husband. The visit was short and sweet, but it was so nice to hop on a plane and get away for a little while!

Happy November (and Friday) to you all! May this month of family, food, and thankfulness find you in good health and spending lots of time with those you love most!

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  1. Whoa, I'm so impressed by that pumpkin! Someone has skills. Also, I can't wait to read about your Nashville trip. It's one of the local-ish places I'm most excited to visit.

    1. Aaron is super talented ha! He can just draw things when he looks at them. I am so pumped for Nashville!

  2. Sounds like a fun month! I can't wait for you next "bumpdate"! :)

  3. Congrats on the little one! That's so exciting!
    Also, that cow costume is super cute. #WinningHalloween

    1. Hahaha, thank you! I try not to take myself too seriously!

  4. Okay first off super cute pumpkins and costumes! Sounds like you had an amazing month! Congrats on the baby! :)


  5. Your Halloween costumes were so cute! It'll be fun to add your little animal to the mix next year! :)

    1. Thanks, Crystal! We are so excited to add a little piggy, cow, or chicken!


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