Thursday, September 15, 2016

Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars at Home

Today's guest post is from Isadora Guidoni, a writer for homeyou.comShe's bringing us some fabulous ideas to take Mason jars and make them into all sorts of beautiful things. Check it out! 

Mason jars are a trend that started popping up a few years back and is still hanging around, not leaving any signs of going away. Everybody just loves them! They can be used for pretty much everything we can think of, are very versatile, and can be decorated many different ways. Here are some fun ways to use and personalize them!

A Vase

Deer Pearl Flowers
The most common alternative use of mason jar is as a vase. You can use fake plastic flowers or real ones, and the result is adorable and elegant. You can leave the jar as it is and make it simple, or decorate by making laces around it. It fits perfectly at the center of a table. It is often used in weddings!

Silverware Holder

Little Sprout Creations
At a small gathering or house party, you can use some jars to hold knives, spoons, and forks, instead of just leaving them on a tray. You can decorate it, make cards with the item’s name and attach it, or leave the jar on its side.

Hanging Outdoor Lantern

Emmaline Bride
Making lanterns out of mason jars is super easy and a great idea for a luau. Just light a candle inside it and put something around it to make it stable. You can use colorful gems, sand, seashells, water beads, etc, or even fill with water and leave the candle floating. In this tutorial you can learn how to use a wire to fix the chain and be able to hang it.

Sewing Kit

It All Started With Paint
Mason jars are great for storing items. But how about this awesome idea of making it a sewing kit? It’s definitely very creative and different. This Anthropologie knock-off by It All Started with Paint shows us how easy it is to make one.   

Bathroom Organizer

Wild Whisper Blog
A great way to organize your bathroom items is by using glass jars. They’re cheap, easy to find, and fun to decorate. You can paint them at any color you want, and you can make them combine with the bathroom colors or contrast them. The choice is yours!

Candy Jar

Country Living
A candy jar is fun to have as a permanent item of your house or even for a kids party. You can decorate it more, or let the candy show its colors. The different lids on the photo are simply made by gluing little toys on it and spray painting. Everybody will love it!


Brandi Sawyer
A very different way of using jars is using them to make a rustic chandelier. Imagine what a great mood it sets for an intimate dinner with friends. The result is so incredible and unique that it is totally worth going through the trouble of making it. This tutorial by Brandi Sawyer is very detailed and show us how to make this piece of art.

Tissue Holder

This cool tutorial teaches us how to make this creative tissue holder. It’s great to leave it on the coffee table or very useful in the nursery. Paint it to match the colors of the room and it’s going to fit perfectly.

Memories Capsule

Lauren Likes
Do you like to keep little tokens from your travels to remember the good moments? Or movie and theater tickets with a loved one? Why not keep them in a jar? It’s a great idea to have those memories in physical form to remember whenever you’re feeling nostalgic. Keep the jars on a bookshelf and you’ll find yourself having that happiness and peaceful feeling every time you look at them.

Wood Board Organizer

Chocola Design
A very different way to use the jars is to attach them to a wood board and hang the piece on a wall. You can use it on the bathroom, like the image, or on any wall of the house as flower vases or candle holders.

Spray Painted Decor

Clever Pink Pirate
An easy way of changing the look of the jar is to spray paint it. From an adorable baby blue to a kickass gold, you can use any color and the result is going to look magnificent. This is incredibly easy to do: Just turn them over (make sure to use something to cover the floor, and do it outside) and spray a generous coat of the paint. Let it dry and voilá! Great looking jars ready to decorate your home.

Wrapped with Lace or Fabric

Doesn’t matter what the purpose of the jar is, for candle lighting, as a vase, or as a holder: wrapping it with lace makes it elegant and classy. You can also use any fabric you have laying around to decorate it. The result is so beautiful!

 Hot Glue Gun and Spray Paint Centerpieces

Pure and Noble
This creative tutorial by Pure and Noble uses a hot glue gun to write on the glass and then spray paint to finish it. The end result is delicate and unique. You can also make patterns, draw flowers or write a message to a loved one and make it a gift.

You can also use the jars as a holder or container for office supplies, kitchen supplies, and light fixtures. It can be used to make mason jar salads that you can take to work, cakes for the kids, storage cookies, as sippy cups(just making a hole on the lid and letting a straw through it).

There are infinite ideas on how to use and personalize Mason jars. You could honestly decorate your entire house with them and it would not be boring, as each one can be so different from the other. How’d you like to use them? Which idea did you like the most?

 Isadora Guidoni is a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. For more, check Team HomeYou out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

We had Mason jar decor at our wedding, and I've been in love with them ever since. What's your favorite use of these fantastic jars? 



  1. We love mason jars! We can veggies so we always have hundreds laying around. I drink out of them usually, but if people are coming over, I love to use them to hold silverware. I must try that glue and spray paint idea to spice them up a bit for those times! I would love that wooden board organizers as's gorgeous.

  2. I love using my mason jars for vases! The perfect touch, always!

  3. I LOVE all these ideas. Honestly, whenever I've thought of using mason jars, it's been for food storage so seeing these ideas is a game changer. Great post!

  4. I love these, but especially that chandelier! I wonder what the odds are of me being able to pull off something like that.

  5. awesome ideas! I use mason jars for everything from holding my smoothies to holding my makeup brushes and stuff :D

  6. I LOVE mason jars! They are so versatile. These are some really cute ways to use them. I have wanted one of those light fixtures for a while now!

  7. I love using Mason jars and have them throughout my home, but these are all super creative! Love a good Mason jar craft :)

  8. These are all so cute! I would have never have thought of some of these! I love mason jars!

  9. These are great ideas! I'm a wedding planner so I come home with new Mason jars all the time and I never know what to do with them!

  10. Such fun ideas! I actually use one as my change jar :)

  11. These are such cute ways to use mason jars as home decor. I'm obsessed with mason jars so this post just makes my heart happy! I'm pinning it for inspiration.


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