Friday, July 31, 2015

Meet Me in St. Louie

When your hubby goes out of town for a week, and you've got a few free days, how better to spend those days then with a best friend? Especially a best friend that you don't get to see very often. This was the case a few weeks ago, when I finally got to see my maid-of-honor-college-roomie-english-teacher-workout-buddy-sorority-sis-bes-fren Jenn. When you haven't seen someone in nine months, you don't really care where you meet up, you just want to see each other. And so, we decided to meet in St. Louis, a city pretty much in the middle for us KC and Memphis girls. And SO worth driving a few hours for.

We met in St. Louis on a Thursday, where Jenn's sweet aunt hosted us. After being accidentally locked out of the house, we dropped our bags in the garage and headed off to lunch at Anthonino's Taverna on the hill. Strangely enough, our server was the sister of one of Aaron's friends, so I knew her. Small world! 

We started off with an amazing Toasted Ravioli appetizer. Yummmmm. A St. Louis staple for sure, and something we've missed since the Theta kitchen days.

We also split the Sicilian pizza (being true to my Sicilian roots), which consisted of Capocolla, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, and red onions. We didn't even eat half of it, so it made a great lunch for the next day. Not to mention it was delicious.

Next stop, Forest Park! We went to the zoo this past November on our YoungLife Non-Stop trip, but it was pretty chilly and we didn't explore anything outside of the zoo. Forest Park is GORGEOUS. We saw the World's Fair Pavilion, then got distracted by the gorgeous flowers.

Then we made a quick stop at the art museum and enjoyed the view, before meandering through the galleries. Keep in mind, my favorite part of all of this was just the conversation as we walked around- getting a little exercise while we caught up on life and all that we'd been up to.

From there, we made a visit to the arch (see mandatory pic at the top), walked around downtown in the midst of both Herbal Life and little people conventions, and grabbed some sweet tea near the river. The next day was full of a walk with Jenn's aunt, her friends, and a puppy- followed by pedicures. It was a nearly-free, laid back, fun St. Louis visit.

The best kinds of friends are those that you just pick right back up with. Even from hundreds of miles apart, I'm so thankful for Jenn's heart, encouragement, and intentionality in keeping our friendship up. I hope for that kind of friendship for each one of you, one founded on fun, honest conversation, shared values, and lots of laughs.

And here, I'll leave you with one more pretty flower picture from Forest Park!



  1. Sounds like so much fun! Since like 4 million people at Rockburst are from STL (that's an exaggeration. But seriously. Like everyone), I've been many times for weddings and college trips, but have only been to Forest Park once for a wedding. Only got a small glimpse of it then, but it looks like a really pretty place. Glad you had such a great time--you deserved it after everything else this month!

    1. Thanks so much Kayla! St. Louis is fun for sure, but doesn't have anything on KC ;) It was a great time. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love Forest Park and the Italian food on the hill! Brings back memories :-) enjoyed your pictures, coming from Friday favorites!

    1. Italian food on the hill was the best! Thanks so much, Angelina! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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