Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It Took Me Long Enough

Hi. I'm Kelsie. Most of you probably know that, but I've always felt that meeting without introductions was awkward. So now we're covered. I'm so glad you're here, just in time for me to share a little about how the blog began. Grab a comfy seat, something yummy to sip on, and stay for a while. I hope you're check out more of the blog as I share my heart, and know that you're always valued and welcome here!

I'm a high school English teacher with a big heart for my kids. This is my faculty photo from this year (lucky number 4). If you'd like a copy, I probably still have one, since every year I give one to my mom and then have nothing to do with the rest of them. I'm also a wife, an avid traveler, and lover of Jesus. Here's more about me.

At least once a year, my students blog. All of them. I teach everything from the highest gifted class to the lowest sophomore class. And they all blog. So naturally, you'd assume I've been blogging for decades. And your assumption would be wrong.

Before Currently, Kelsie launched in January of 2015, I had never blogged before. I've always wanted to. I love writing and sharing my ideas with others. I love to talk- to the point where sometimes I get really excited and people can't get a word in. It's not intentional; I just love to interact with people. Blogging is perfect for me, because I can write all I want, but then edit and tweak without ever sticking my foot in my mouth. Then people can choose to "listen" by reading, or not. And no hard feelings. Plus it offers the beginnings of beautiful, honest conversation as comments and community begin to build. And these things are incredibly important to me!

After a sweet friend of mine decided to start a blog, my desire to start one of my own finally crept back into my life and drove me to the point of actually doing it. So here I am. Here you are.

I can't begin to tell you how many nights I lay awake in bed thinking about what to call this blog. As an English teacher, words are crazy important to me, and I was not going to throw down just any old title without giving it a little thought. After many notes and google trips to the thesaurus, I landed on "Perfectly Imperfect". I loved the way that I could tie in my ideas to this theme, and wrap it all up in what was most important to me- my faith. But then I found out that this was already a blog about home decor and refinishing......bummer. Well-played, Shaunna West, well-played.

So it was back to the drawing board. I was forced to do more self-reflection, which brought me to this: This world is constantly moving and changing, and every stage of life is so precious. Through the midst of so much adjustment, I have to remind myself that change can be good, while also enjoying the place I'm at right now. Thus the title of this blog: Currently, Kelsie. Not Tomorrow, Kelsie, not Yesterday, Kelsie. Currently. After a few months, I came up with a tagline that I liked as well, which is: Love fiercely. Learn Fearlessly. Live Fully. Check out the meaning behind these words here. I've also got a huge heart for vulnerable conversation and feeling united in shared stories and experiences, which is what you will find in the moments tab.

 So here I am now, sharing my own stories and suggestions about life, love, and living it up in all my (current) favorite parts of this crazy, ever-changing world. I'll hope you'll check out Currently, Kelsie and spend some time sharing your heart and story with all of us. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me! I'm so glad to have you!



  1. I just started reading your blog but I somehow missed that you're an English teacher. I am too! Well, now I'm a stay at home mom but I taught junior high English for a few years and loved it :) I also loved that your first attempt at naming your blog was already taken--I hear you. #bloggerproblems :)

    1. Ah, yes. English teachers unite! So glad that you loved it, and that we have another thing in common :) Blogger probe for the hashtag! Thanks for stopping by, I'm excited to share more with you!


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